Is Western Democracy going to target by RUSSIA?

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Russia will target to the western democracy. Mike Pompey, US Secretary of State expressed that Russia will try to strike the whole world including western democracy in the near future. Last Thursday he added this in an interview with fox news. Meanwhile, the US President Donald Trump rejected the offer of Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia to seek answers from US Citizens.
The most discuss and talking part of the Worlds politics is the Trump and Putin’s last Monday’s meeting. With some issues of that meeting, the President Trump has to face criticism of democrats and republicans specially the Russian intervention in some US Elections. Pompeo added about some new Russian conspiracy also in the interview.

source : Google News
The US Secretary of State said “I am very much confident that in 2017 and 2018 Russia has intervened in Western democracy and will try to do even in near future. He also said, “The President knows all that what Russia has done in the 2016 election. President has the power to do everything we need to ensure that the same thing does not happen in the elections of 2018 and 2020.”
Former director of CIA, Mr Pompey also said that the Russian culture is a soviet era till now. What happed in the previous US elections will not be the same in the next elections. A large amount of people are thinking that Trump admitted to Putin, but it’s wrong. He added this as a bizarre concept.

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What have your thinking, would Russia do the same in next elections, or they have the chance.
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