D-Day 75th Anniversary

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I took a #wednesdaywalk for @tattoodjay and my own health today around my local town and saw the war memorial again and it got me thinking about all the millions of people that died in world War II.

You may think that this is a morbid thought but it isn't at all. I have the freedom to write what I like and think what I like because of this pivotal day.

Today is the eve of the largest invasion fleet ever assembled to invade and liberate Europe from the Nazi's. Not all German's were Nazi's by the way just a very small and very loud group who scared the life out of everyone.

It's D-Day tomorrow but on this night 75 years ago. Over 150,000 troops men supported by allies from just about ever country in the world where stuck in ships and aircraft on their way to who knows what kind of hell?

The Allies
British Empire.
United States.


Howitzer cropped.jpg

Of course it was not going to be pleasant for the German defenders who had little idea what was coming their way on that dark and stormy night.


jeep bw.jpg

As the troops began hitting the beaches it became clear that the defenders were well dug in and the Allies naval bombardment of the coast had little effect. 10's of 1,000's died without firing a shot in anger and many 1,000's more were injured.


# ambulance.jpg

What a shambles it was it but somehow through dogged determination the allies held the beach head long enough to secure the area for the million other troops who would soon be on their way from England.

St.Ives,-Cambridgeshire,-War-Memorial 2019

St.Ives,-Cambridgeshire,-War-Memorial 2019.jpg

I'm not a great fan of war of any kind but without the sacrifice of those men (and my uncle Tommy) back then who knows what kind of world we would be living in today?

What many people in the UK do not know or choose to ignore is that the main reason we have not had a war in northern europe for over 75 years is primarily because of the growth in the european union.

The idea of a united europe came from Winston Churchill and $12 billion loan from the USA to rebuild europe after the war.

A big part of this plan was to have ever closer economic and political ties between these countries so that the idea of going to war against each other again would be unthinkable and economic suicide.

Hope you all have a pleasant day and give a thought for the departed on who's backs our freedom exists.

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Its sad to see that people remembering D Day and its significance and of course to remember those that gave their all on that day for their respective countries, I to had an Uncle that was there on that day and never made it back to NZ

Others may not remember D Day but I always will

lest we forget

Yep it was a massive sacrifice for those young men and both your uncle and my uncle died in that war.

My uncle Tommy was in the Navy with my Dad. My Dad would never talk about the war except to tell us funny stories about life aboard ship and how they got sunk once. He thought it was hilarious but I suspect it was just his way of coping with it?

Yes I think you may well be right that the joking is a way to deal with it, My Dad was in J Force and would never talk about it at all, I think I can understand why now even though I do not know what he saw, I just know that there are things that I have seen on Missions that I can only ever talk about with colleagues that have seen the same, its not something one can talk about with anyone else

Jeez he must have seen some horrors in Japan.

I know what you mean about talking about these things.

My brother in law was in the Welsh Guards in the Falklands war.

He saw all of his mates on fire!

He came back really messed up with ptsd and has never fully recovered.

Yes I am sure he did, That must have been such a devestating experience for your brother and no wonder that he can never forget it so sorry to hear it is still troubling him :(

He is involved with the veterans group and has been back to the Falklands many times. Very difficult for those guys that survived.

Ohh yes I do feel for them so much

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Howdy sir molometer! you are so right and correct, I love this post, well done sir!
I hate any kind of war but this one had to be fought without giving any quarter. And I love the Brittish people for never giving in or surrendering, what huge sacrifices you made! So many lost their lives so that freedom could remain.

Hey sir molometer, since I know you are a tech guy, what do you think of the newest hardfork coming and do you think it will accomplish what they want it to?

Thanks Janton for your warm comments. It was a terrible loss of live for so many. We have to remember their sacrifice gave us the freedoms we still have today...just about.

We have to be on the lookout for dictators in our own back yards these days!

You are so correct and I hope the younger generations realize this. Did you take the photos I assume? They had some original vehicles there it looks like.

Union up is indeed a very good idea for countries, like an additional guaranty. The main thing is to be sure that all members of the alliance would fulfill their obligations and play fair.

We lived without war for many years, so many that we took peace like something granted. But since Russia decided to annex a part of Ukraine, we all had to remember what is war, volunteering and so on. We were not ready for this at all... In addition, Ukraine has not yet become a member of any union, so it can't rely on some help, just ask for it.

It is very right and necessary - to remember those who died or were killed for our chance to live in peace. June 6th was one of the turning points in WW II. Besides, Ukrainians also fought on the eastern (German-Soviet) front in the Red Army and two Polish armies, and on the western (Anglo-American-French against the Nazis in Europe), the North African and Pacific fronts in the armies of the United States, Canada, France, and Poland.

Thank you for your post!

Thank you Zirochka,

It is very right and necessary - to remember those who died or were killed for our chance to live in peace.

Yes you are right. The Eastern Front was also a huge massacre where millions died.

Russia decided to annex a part of Ukraine

The situation is Ukraine is a disgraceful invasion by an aggresive force. The rest of the world stood by and watched as this happened live on 24/7 TV. We have to ask why no one came to help?

The world also stood by when Hitler invaded Austria and it was only becasue Britain had a defense agreement with Poland so that when Hitler invaded Poland.

Britain was forced (reluctantly) to step in.

Maybe you don't know British history but there were many politicians, ordinary people and royalty in Britain that wanted to appease Hitler and go along with more or less whatever he wanted!

There were plenty of Nazi's in England before and during the war.

We have many Nazi's creeping out of the woodwork again here in Britain. They have changed their name but the tactics are the same. Divide the people and spread hate towards foreigners.

Some people are just hard to understand? What drives them to think this way? Maybe they are just evil?

The rest of the world stood by and watched as this happened live on 24/7 TV. We have to ask why no one came to help?

That is what I meant saying that alliance is good if everyone respect the rules.

On 5 December 1994, the so-called Budapest Memorandum was signed between Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, upon which the States listed above were to respect the independence, sovereignty and existing borders of Ukraine, refrain from any manifestation of aggression against Ukraine, including economic pressure (wiki).

And today we all see hot it turns out .....

there were many politicians, ordinary people and royalty in Britain that wanted to appease Hitler and go along with more or less whatever he wanted!

I did not know that. But today, looking at what is going in my own country, I can easily believe that :( Sad to see that people do same mistakes again and again.

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We must not forget the sacrifice of those who fought and secure the victory of the allies. We must not forget the purpose for which the European Union was made. I'm sorry because of brexit ...

Brexit is already a disaster and we haven't even left the European Union.

Those people that voted to leave for whatever reason have thrown a real spanner in the works. If we still want peace in the future.

European history is littered with our countless and futile wars.

Those who forget their history are bound to repeat it

The paperwork alone is already causing chaos and has costs £billions!

First of all, it is proof of how easily people can be handled. I am terrified of this, I have many examples from Romania ... in fact, everywhere.

I'm sorry for the UK, I still hope to stay in the EU and maybe learn something (here the hopes are lower, to zero).

That's right, who's forgetting history risks repeating it !!!