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All stars die, and eventually — in regarding five billion years — our sun can, too. Once its offer of atomic number 1 is exhausted, the final, dramatic stages of its life can unfold, as our host star expands to become a star so tears its body to items to condense into a white dwarf star.

But when the sun's life is over, what is going to it look like? Astronomers have a brand new answer, and their conclusions area unit glowing. [Rainbow Album: the various colours of the Sun]

The length of a star's lifetime depends on its size. Our sun may be a plant disease with a diameter of around 864,000 miles (1.4 million kilometers), or regarding 109 times the scale of Earth, in line with NASA. plant disease stars live for regarding ten billion years, and at 4.5 billion years previous, our middle-age sun is regarding halfway through its period of time.

Once its atomic number 1 offer is depleted, the sun can begin intense its heavier parts. throughout this volatile and turbulent stage, immense quantities of stellar material can hurtle into area because the sun's body expands to a hundred times its current size, changing into a star. Then, it'll shrink all the way down to a small, very dense white dwarf star star, regarding Earth-size.

Illuminated by the cooling white dwarf star are the cloud of gas and dirt that the sun spewed into area as a churning star. whether or not this cloud would be visible has long been a puzzle. Associate in Nursing calculable ninety p.c of dying stars emit a phantasmal mud halo, that persists for thousands of years, however pc models established decades agone prompt that a star would want to own a mass regarding double that of our sun to come up with a cloud bright enough to be seen, the study authors according.

However, this prediction did not align with proof that twinkled across galaxies. Visible nebulas glimmered in young spiral galaxies that were glorious to host huge stars, that may simply manufacture glowing mud clouds at the top of their lives, the models expected.

But nebulas additionally lit up in previous elliptical galaxies inhabited with stars of lower mass; in line with the pc models, these stars should not are ready to manufacture visible clouds in any respect. This confusing, apparent contradiction exhibit "a long-standing mystery" regarding the end-of-life stages in low-mass stars, the international team of researchers wrote within the study.

We're stars and we're lovely

To solve the riddle, the scientists developed a brand new pc model for predicting stars' life cycles.

According to their new calculations, once increasing red giants eject the mud and gas that frame the nebula, they heat up thrice quicker than the previous models prompt. This accelerated heating would create it doable even for a star of lower mass, like our sun, to manifest a clear nebula.

"We found that stars with a mass but one.1 times the mass of the sun manufacture fainter nebulae, and stars a lot of huge than three star plenty [produce] brighter nebulae," study author Prince Albert Zijlstra, a academic of astronomy at the University of Manchester within the uk, aforementioned during a statement.

"But for the remainder, the expected brightness is extremely near what had been ascertained," Zijlstra adscititious. "Problem solved , when twenty five years!"

The findings were printed on-line yesterday (May 7) within the journal Nature uranology.

*Original article on Live Science.

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