Huge achievement: Reached 60 reputation on Steemit

in busy •  last year 

Been almost two years in the making but here we are! I've learned a bunch and took me a while to climb the ladder but definitely some progress.

Just to think moving from 59 to 60 took me a year then how long till I'll get to rep 61. Supposedly, it's 10x times of current vests. Insane, uh?

Shoutout to all my friends and followers.

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It just gets harder. I may make it to 71 this year, but it's not certain

What's the current highest? Haven't seen that many folks with over 70. You're definitely in the top 0.1% of Steemit users

I think the top rep is 80, but some feel he doesn't deserve it. Apparently you're rep can only be reduced by someone higher.