4 Reasons to use Busy for Steeming!

in busy •  last year 

It's not secret that I've been using @busy.org and #busy for quite a while now. Without further wasting your time I'd like to point out why is that so.

Main advantages of using Busy.org

  1. It's much less overwhelming. Especially when it comes to content creation. While sometimes writing some thoughts up on the default Steemit editor I somehow feel a bit pressursed to lengthen the content, make it longer, add more words. To somehow compete with other editors. Busy on the other hand? It advocates shorter messages, heck, even just titles without a message. Much like Twitter. I like it. I spend less time, yet get to interact with my followers more (even tho I sometimes feel a tad bit quilty about spamming them so often)
  2. Notifications. I just LOVE this feature, right on top right bar you can see immediately who has started following you, who commented, who replied, who upvoted you - before this I had to look it up on steemd, so this is a real neat feature.
  3. Just the important features on display. You can see your voting power, your feed and three buttons (notifications, write a post and your profile) and that's it. Easy as that. I like it. Feels a lot more intuitive.
  4. It also recommends you people who to follow - much like in Facebook. I like this feature a lot - instead of manually finding out new users I can easily find new people right off the bat.
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