Koi fry day 2

in busy •  5 months ago

The koi / comet fry are starting to come to the surface a little more. The tub has rainwater and chlorine-treated pond water - no untreated tap water. There is a UV filter running and an air-line with air stone. The water is slowly clearing and I hope to see more fry soon.



Second video for today. The 'steam train' you can hear is my barmy dog. I spotted one fry and another joined it for a little while.

I'm using koi food plus lots of dried mealworms, crushed to a fine powder. That will have to be OK until the stage 1,2, and 3 food arrives.

As you can probably guess, I'm totally winging it, I've never tried to bring-on the eggs the Koi have spawned before.

I only hope I get something right and I end up with a few new fish.

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great post like it and upvoted!!
kindly visit my profile thanks!

The first photo is very similar to the tadpoles in my area, often used for freshwater fish food


Ah, these are almost too small to see, really tiny tadpoles, but these won't be sprouting legs :)

Thanks for the word "barmy," Michelle. A new word to me.


Haha! You're most welcome :)

Congratulations on your replenishment. I hope in the future to see your updated pond in which will be full of fish :)


Oooh that would be exciting, wouldn't it!

very exciting even for your dog.
Great videos with sound...loving it!


He is really curious and way too big to be involved with the tinies :)


lol ... dogs are cool

Great post like it and upvoted


You may have upvoted someone but it wasn't me.


This is exciting! You may end up with more new fish than you realise. Love the barmy dog! LOL I thought only my dogs were!


I didn't have much luck with the last lot of fry I bought, the majority of them died soon after I bought them and I put the survivors in the pond... I think they may have been eaten by the bigger ones.

I hope a few of these survive, it'd be nice to be able to say I grew them :)

Yes, the dogs are barmy... ;)