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[EN] Join Crypto Resistance
Today is born Crypto Resistance, a new discord channel based on the Steemit and Scorum community. In this channel you can interact with other members of the community, you will have channels where you can post your links and your profile but above all you will find yourself in a community willing to help you better understand the functioning of Steemit and Scorum. It is a new channel so it needs members and we have created a rank system where those who bring more invitations will have access to more areas of the channel. I recommend you join because we will give the first 150 members the status Member that will allow you to post your links in the appropriate channels of Steemit and Scorum and then advertise.

What is Scorum?
Scorum is a social blogging platform based on sport. It works a bit like Steemit and has two currencies: the SCR and the SP. The first one is for liquidity, you can transfer it to other users or on exchanges (for now you can found it only on the decentralized OpenLedger exchange) and the second one is used to have more voting power on the platform. Also on the way there is a betting platform with zero commissions and a section dedicated to e-sports.

Discover more regarding Scorum

What are you waiting for? Join Scorum and Crypto Resistance now. You will receive 5 SP on Scorum and the Member status on the Discord Crypto Resistance channel!

Join us on Discord:

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[ES] Entra en Crypto Resistance
Hoy nace Crypto Resistance, un nuevo canal de discord basado en la comunidad Steemit y Scorum. En este canal puedes interactuar con otros miembros de la comunidad, tendrás canales donde podrás publicar tus enlaces y tu perfil, pero sobre todo encontrarás una comunidad dispuesta ad ayudarte y hacete entender mejor el funcionamíento de Steemit y Scorum. Es un nuevo canal por lo que necesita miembros y hemos creado un sistema de clasificación en el que aquellos que traen más invitacíones tendrán acceso a más áreas del canal. Te recomiendo que te únas porque daremos a los primeros 150 el estado "Miembro" que te permitirá publicar tus enlaces en los canales apropriados de Steemit y Scorum y luego publicitar.

¿Qué es Scorum?
Scorum es una plataforma de blogs sociales basada en los deportes. Funcíona un poco como Steemit, tiene dos monedas: el SCR y el SP. La primera es para liquidez, se puede transferir a otros usuarios o en exchange (por ahora es negociable solo en el exchange decentralizado OpenLedger) y la segunda se usa para tener más poder de voto en la plataforma. También hay una plataforma de apuestas con cero comisiones y una sección dedicada a e-sports.

¿Qué estás esperando? Entra en Scorum y Cripto Resistence ahora. ¡Recibirás 5 SP en Scorum y el estado de Miembro en el canal de Discord Crypto Resistance!

Join us on Discord:

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[IT] Entra su Crypto Resistance
Oggi nasce Crypto Resistance, un nuovo canale discord basato sulla community di Steemit e Scorum. In questo canale tu potrai interagire con gli altri membri della community, avrai canali dove poter postare i tuoi link e il tuo profilo ma soprattutto ti troverai in una community disposta ad aiutarti a capire meglio il funzionamento di Steemit e Scorum. E' un canale nuovo quindi ha bisogno di membri e abbiamo creato un sistema di rank dove chi porta più inviti avrà accesso a più aree del canale. Vi consiglio di entrare perchè regaleremo ai primi 150 membri lo status Member che vi permetterà di postare i vostri link nei canali appositi di Steemit e Scorum e quindi pubblicizzarvi.

Che cos'è Scorum?
Scorum è una piattaforma di social blogging improntata sullo sport. Funziona un pò come Steemit ed ha due valute: lo SCR e lo SP. La prima serve per la liquidità, lo potete transferire ad altri utenti o sugli exchange (per ora è scambiabile solo sull'exchange decentralizzato OpenLedger) e la seconda serve per avere più potenza di voto sulla piattaforma. Inoltre in arrivo c'è una piattaforma di betting con zero commissioni e una sezione dedicata agli e-sports.

Cosa stai aspettando? Entra su Scorum e Crypto Resistance adesso. Avrai in regalo 5 SP su Scorum e lo status Member sul canale Discord Crypto Resistance!

Join us on Discord:

Telegram: @Mauryis



I tried to join this Scrotum when it initially launched and it was so screwed, I couldn't even validate my email. C'mon, it's like 5 minute of work for a programmer. If he's competent, that is. I wonder is it even possible to join now or have I just wasted my account name?

They actually have problem with outlook/hotmail. If you try to join with any different email you'll access to it. Try this platform, my friend, believe me. One day you'll come here to say me thank you

Are you assuming I'm using this Microsoft abomination to handle my email? You're so wrong.

Scorum is a social blogging platform based on sport.

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Going to give this a shot, thanks for the heads up!

@hattaarshavin scorum

Hi hattaarshavin! Thank you to be here! We need to put scorum at next level!

Yes, support brother

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good bro , looking forward to work with you , thank you for your help and support, Scorum is something new to me , let me learn and move forward, thank you once again for your help and support

Hello, all! La Congeladora is also in Scorum we move all our energy to there! so welcome to the new members! this is our post of the day!:

This cool, how long has this been available? I like the vision and mission of this platform. Would love to make it out as one of the pioneers if previledged. Again, thanks alot for sharing this info. You're well appreciated.

It's very new. The website is active from one month, you can be one of the whales if you want!

Thanks for the rapt reply... Wish that, will join right away and possibly try to promote it as soon as possible. I supposed promotions could also be done on other platform like fb, whatsapp...

Please provide me with the link, the one you provided above ain't working

Should work now. Try it please.
Thank you for your segnalation

It didn' a blank tab once clicked

Seems to work now! Thank you for your patience!

Figured out thanks for your responses... You're well appreciated

An interesting article

Looking nice @mauryis can we make a real quick follower on scorum and what about the currencies on scorum

Join Discord my friend we will explain you all

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Scorum is a social blogging platform based on sport.

tried to join this Scrotum when it initially launched and it was so screwed

I tried to join this Scrotum when it initially launched and it was so screwed, I couldn't even validate my email

"I'm new to Steemit and just did my introduction post! So happy to meet and follow new people ! Looking forward to more awesome posts from you!

An interesting article congratulations @hattaarshavin I´ll try friend.

good post friend hope you are doing great. Nice too meet you, you can pass for my blog and vote if you like!. Cheers

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Thanks @mauryis Sir Support This community

Thanks for this information
Amazing platform
@gumegx scorum

I am already on scorum :D

I am @tsnaks
I really like scorum, but Steemit is still my favourite.

Thanks for this great information... Great article...

Wonderfull.. i hope it will defeat btc in fututre XD

Can you show me the fact ?

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Follow Me I will Follow you back like my posts I will Like ur posts since i am new do support me ...

Amazing my friend

Amazing my friend

Try to give it a shot the second... on my first atempt I didn't verify my e-mail. Perhaps they that bug.

AMAZING scorum i like it

Outstanding. I think to join.

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Is it gambling friendly?

Scorum will have a betting platform with 0 fee

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All new Steemit based social platforms are welcome.

Thank you.

Mother Liberty.

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