[BUSY.ORG] Why don't we have a slider for downvoting/flagging?!

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Lately, I've been primarily using Busy.org as my Steem front-end of choice, as has my wife and a few others that I know. The interface is just better . . . well, for the most part anyways.

Since I've been using the Busy.org front-end, I've had a few accidents. On Steemit, when you go to flag/downvote or upvote a post, given that you're over 500 SP, you're presented with a slider to designate what percentage of a vote you'd like to cast. This remains true for Busy.org up until you go to downvote/flag something. When you do that, instead of getting the slider to choose what you'd like you do, it just goes full blast and gives it 100%. Not cool!

I've gone to flag some things while using Busy.org anticipating to cast a 1% downvote, but nope, no choice aside from 100% or bust. I've done this a few times now, each times spaced quite a while apart so I completely forget about this happening until it happens. Not only does it kill my VP, but it smashes someone that was only supposed to get a 1% flag.

Calling @busy and @busy.org! Is this a glitch or something that is supposed to happen? If it's supposed to happen, can it be changed? A slider for downvoting, in my opinion, is extremely crucial.

Have any of you had this issue or is it just me?

Thanks for reading!


I don't think it's an issue, I just don't think downvote slider exists on Busy. I've never seen it and I've been using Busy since April.

Maybe it's something that they forgot to add? 100% downvote as the only option is pretty brutal.

Yeah I lost access to a powerful account that way. I hit a user with a downvote not knowing it was going to 100% them and just nuked their account. They deserved it though, but I lost access for nuking someone and did not intend to. #feelyerpainbro

Woah, weird. When did that happen? You lost access to Busy or the account? At least they deserved it! I was just smacking down upvoted bidbot comments and yeah, accidentally gave 'em a 100% flag. Sucked!

It was some racist dude and I used the @adm account to flag him.

How in the hell did you get ahold of the @adm account?!

Yeah, it happened to me a few times too that I 100% flagged some people and it made me mad wasting my VP.
Busy discord: https://discord.gg/QQpjp5

I'm stupid. I completely forgot about their Discord . . .


hahahha, very happy :)

Yeah, you might feel bad to 100% downvote someone with all that SP. lol.
It should be adjustable for whales to be able to downvote.

Yeah, it really does suck. You can always remove the flag and return their rep and payout to normal, but that 2% VP that you spent on the 100% flag doesn't return, it vanishes.

thank you brother, I have been using busy.org for a long time, for me, busy.org has advantages, including knowing who marked our names on other people's posts, as well as voting, resteem and so on.

but I have never felt SP until 500. I hope that in the future I will have that much SP, thanks my sister @kotturinn and brother @matt-a.

On point. re-steemed. I think it is essential to include a downvote button at all versions and platforms of steem apps as well.
Hopefully they will update their UI.

Simple, just don't flag anyone who abuses/spams/plagerizes/etc., instead just give them 100 percent upvotes and present your ass cheeks for some smacking. Come on, Matt. This isn't rocket science.

You know what, you're right. I'm just gonna start doing that instead. Frig it, mayne.

In fact when you post via busy.org, it doesn't even give you a chance to vote, it automatically votes 100% the moment you post I don't know does it happens that way too for you?

Nope, I get the slider when I'm upvoting people. I think that your setting might be off a little bit. Have you went into the settings on busy.org and changed the options to where you use the slider?

No I haven't checked the setting, but since it's got to do with it, I gotta check it.
Yeah busy needs to put the slider for flagging it's really essentially

You can change it in your settings here:


Thank brother.

Thank you for the information. and I have not experienced it. and I hope I do not have anyone donwvote me. terimakasi.

Don't worry, I don't think that you will get flagged as long as you aren't spamming, plagiarizing content, or abusing bidbots :-).

thank you

Sorry for it @matt-a
But i didn't get anything from this.
What's this busy.org group?

By yours,

Sorry, I don't understand :-/.

What is the Busy.org group? @matt-a

https://busy.org is the exact same thing as Steem/Steemit.

Go to busy.org and then log in with your Steem username and password with Steem Connect.

Now i understand it @matt-a
Its another platform like steemit only ..
Good information provided by you and thanks for your polite response towards us.. @matt-a

By yours,

It is the very same as Steem! You use your same account and everything, it just looks different. All your posts are there and everyone else's posts are there too :-). If you use the busy tag when using their platform, they also give you an upvote.

Ok thanks for sharing your knowledge @matt-a

You're welcome.

Very cognitive information!
Would be great if you take a look of my latest drawings;)