Release Security and Change your Life

in busy •  6 months ago

Fear controls your life and you cling so desperately to the values you have accumulated, you just do not have space for what you really want, to get what you want out of life, first you have to get rid of your fears to lose what you have, your safe and comfortable lifestyle will prevent you from living life to the fullest, then let everything go.


Renouncing everything you've always been so afraid of losing, maybe that's what you've always needed to do, you'll notice how ridiculous your fear of loss is, you do not need any of the values you're so afraid to let go, you do not depend on other people to Survive and be happy, you do not even need a safe career to keep you.

Of course, many of those things are nice, but you do not need them, with that realization there is much more freedom than you have had in your whole life, since you are not so desperately attached to a secure life, you can explore and live the life of the The way you want, because you do not cling so tightly to a secure source of income, you can explore alternative ways of earning money that are more in line with the type of lifestyle you want, and as you are not so afraid of being ashamed and losing everyone your friends, something silly, you become more extroverted and daring.

The road to a full life, is to face your fears and live the worst scenarios, by giving up all the values you fear so much to lose, you become free to live life on your own terms, it's up to you, we spend our time looking for security and we hate it when we get it.


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