Token of Appreciation from PrestaShop

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Being a Prestashop translator is kinda hard even i translate the English words into our native language which is the TAGALOG/FILIPINO, Prestashop is a open source project that we can translate under the and we get rewards from it, but suddenly the sad part here, the translation in Utopian is no longer active, but still you can translate in Crowdin without getting any rewards from

If you are wondering What is PRESTASHOP all about i'll put there link below also there website, Just CLICk the SOURCE.

PrestaShop is a free e-commerce software which enables you to create your online store. More than 270,000 e-commerce sites are already using PrestaShop worldwide.
PrestaShop Addons is PrestaShop's official marketplace.
It includes more than 5,000 modules, graphic themes and services which are at your disposal in order to customize your online store.



I just reach on the Adventurer Level which makes me feel happy because Translation makes my Dream come true when it comes to Definition of TRANSLATION, I translate so many projects in Crowdin like the First one is the Prestashop,Bolt,Exo and lots of project and i've learned something great here in Translation the first one is the deep English term when it comes translating them into our native words,cause Honestly some of the deep english words that i translate is i did not know i just bought my Dictionary on the books store and relay on the grammar of the words, Second is being patient, cause in every single words you translate must be right and accurate, you must be patient also and careful when your going to pass your contribution. you dont want to get rejected after you push your self to the limit just to translate your contributions. Hehe.^^



Just wanted to let you know also that Translation give a big part of my daily blogs here in steemit, Cause translation give me a chance to purchased a new set of computer which helps me a lot in my Vlogs and Editing, I must say that even rewarding translation is gone, i still be thankful for what you've done and what you've give in my life,Big or SMALL i am still grateful with it.

Thank you PrestaShop for giving me a chance, A simple person like me to Contribute on Your Big Company. You Truly Show to us that every person is unique in our own ways.



This post gives a fact that the translation of utopian before really help some big projects. its good that you are one of the millions of prestashop @mariejoyacajes

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