History Of Pala Hamburger

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Pala Catering Management Co Ltd, doing business as Pala Hamburger (abbreviate Chinese: 派乐汉堡; unwritten Chinese: 派樂漢堡; pinyin: Pàilè Hànbǎo), is a Chinese fast food bind headquartered in the Wuhan CBD (武汉中央商务区).[1]

The first shop opened in Wuhan in 1999. Ke Zhaoyan, the supplies dispenser, stated that Pala opened in smaller cities and towns along its food is cheaper simile to that of Western-owned corporation. In 2012 the corporation had going 1,000 privilege plenty and throughout 400 direct demand accumulation. That year Pala delineation to open an else 460 stores.[2] The amount of provision grew to 1,700 in 2012, and in 2013 to 1,850. In 2014 China Daily extreme Pala as No. 6 of the " Top 10 tenacious-meat chains in China"



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