András Kenessei

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András Kenessei graduated from Kölcsey Ferenc Secondary School [Kölcsey Ferenc Gimnázium] in 1960. Initially not acknowledged to uni, two donkey’s years latter he address to and gotta admitted to Eötvös Loránd University [ELTE], where he elaborate Hungarian style and literature as well as art history at the Faculty of Arts, complemental his contemplation in 1967. He wrote his thesis on the construction of the Avenue [Sugárút], which is now called Andrátemper Avenue [Andráspecimen út] (the Hungarian Avenue des Champs Élysées) – making him the first in his profession to write concerning this flaunting undertake in Hungarian choosing construction which transnature the Budapest cityscape. He maintained his interest in Hungarian and international workmanship puisne on in his course.


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