Unknown information about mango

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Mango is said to be the king of fruit. It is not possible to imagine the summer without the fruit filled with rice. From Mughal emperor Jahangir, we have heard some or nothing about the story of the emperor from Alexander. On the basis of the National Magazine NDTV Online we will know today that some of the unknown Information


We are one of the oldest fruits of India. Some claim that the first mango production is in India five thousand years ago. It is widely believed that the main source of the main area of ​​the northeast of India, adjacent to Myanmar, is the main source.


. I like the people of Buddhism very much. We feel that they are sacred. Because they believed Gautam Buddha often used to rest in mango gardens. Buddhist monks carry mangoes with them during their long expedition.

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This fruit was liked by Alexander the Great. He was taking some mango with him while returning to Greece.


In South India, Tamil was called me as Ame-Kaya. Later it was known as Mama-kay. Then its name was manga.Partugijara named last name 'mango' which was later famous.


. There are several stories about mango in Hindu scriptures. The oldest myth has been identified as the daughter of the sun god.


According to the book 'Historical Dictionary of Indian Food', the Portuguese started the first mango cultivation. Then, when they return, mango collects seeds and spreads them in different countries. Thus, mango yield starts in the country and abroad.


In the Mughal empire, I was allowed to cultivate only in the family of the royal family. Then Emperor Shahjahan allowed me to cultivate mango outside the royal family. Samrat Jahangir was also a great fan of Amir.


One of the most famous species of land is the lame farmer's contribution to Benaras behind the name of Langra amara. Local residents have named the name Amer as the result of this mango in his home yard.


In ancient India, I was considered as a symbol of prosperity. It is known from the writings of traveler Hu-n-Tsang that the King-benches used to plant mango trees by the side of the road.


The country's poet Amir Khasru has named me best fruit in India.


Apart from Bharat, the national fruit mangoes of Pakistan and the Philippines

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