Samsung has introduced the new technology-enabled smartphone S10

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Samsung has introduced the new technology-enabled smartphone S10


Samsung Galaxy S10, the flagship smartphone, is adding innovative technology to the smartphone. South Korean company Samsung The display development and production division of the company is creating a new type of display, which can emit sound. That means it is called 'mount-emitting' display technology. The next year's new smartphone, the technology display can be used.

Due to the use of new display technology, the battery will reduce the basel and the screen will increase further. This can be seen on the flagship smartphone Galaxy S10.

Currently, Samsung's flagship smartphones S9 and S9 Plus have Infinity Eyes Display. It has a very thin bezel, it takes place on the top of the Kanti and down to the airspace, sensor and cellphone camera. But the sound emitting display does not have airplaces. The display will be bigger. The sound can be heard from the display. However, the sound will not come out loud from the display, it is not yet known. Apart from this, the company is also working to remove cellfi cameras and sensors.

According to a report by Korean eT News, Samsung showed a new technology display in the May 2012 Society of Information Displays Technology Fair. It is expected that the display can be seen in the next year. In addition, there is a buzz that the S-10 smartphone can have fingerprint sensors inside the display fingerprint sensor or display.

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