Ronaldo told Morocco goodbye

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Ronaldo told Morocco goodbye


Since the start of the match, a name for everyone, Cristiano Ronaldo So at the end of the match Because of Ronaldo as the first team, Morocco withdrew from the World Cup. In the 4th minute, Ronaldo took the lead and took Portugal out of the match. After losing 1-0 in the 1-0, the returning to the World Cup ended 20 years after Morocco finished the match.

Ronaldo scored a record in the first match of the World Cup As a first player, he made a hat-trick against Spain in the World Cup. Today the record has become dull. Ronaldo scored in the 4th minute just like the first match. He reached Diego Maradona in the game, Puskas has surpassed.

Diego Maradona was the top scorer in the World Cup scorer with 6 goals. In the last match, the number of goals scored by Ronaldo as the captain of the hat-trick was 5. The Portuguese forward has made this goal in the maradona state today. Ronaldo scored 85 goals in international football now The Real Forward in the European region is now the highest goal for the national team. It was a record that was another real-time Pusakas, who was the other real star Puskas. He scored 84 goals in 89 matches for Hungary.

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