Hello Steemit ! @luocnguyen . Its my first Post! - Let me Introduce Myself

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Hello ! Steemit friends !
I am @luocnguyen. I send greetings to all those who use steemit. Happy New Year 2018.

I am 52 years old. I am a funny mother. I was born in a poor countryside of Hanoi, Vietnam. I am a farmer. Descended from a poor family, I always told myself to work my best to rise up in life.

I love gardening and studying history. and I'm a housewife.

Know the cryto from the TV. And know steemit is a social network sharing the fun with you all over the world.

I participated in Steemit with the desire to share passion and interesting things to everyone.
I hope to find people who share the passion of "gardening" and "studying the stories of history"
I hope through steemit have more income

Thanks for reading my introduction.
Here are some of my latest pictures:





Look forward to the support of everyone @luocnguyen Thank you !

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Wellcome to steemit

Hello welcome to steem 🙂

nice to meet you !

Goodlock in steemit.com

Welcome to steemit community, maamaa i love you

mama? hahaa. must support

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Welcome to steemit community, insight, experience and knowledge banayak once here we live just how to take and learn it and you also can share anything interesting to be published in this steemit, salam know from me @teukukhaidir. thank you

nice to meet you ! hope you will support me during my stay in steemi

Welcome to steemit!

WHat types of plants, herbs and vegetables do you grow?

Hello ! I grow tomatoes, rice,

This is a good post

thank you.

Welcome to steemit community,

thank you ! hope you will support me during my stay in steemit

Hey there welcome to Steemit. This is a good place for bloggers, photographers and travelers for sharing their content. I am sure you will enjoy your stay here.

nice to meet you ! I will share what I find interesting for everyone