This weeks Top Ten of BeachWednesday🏖️ and SunThursday🌞 !!!

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Happy Sunday to everyone!!!


I hope you all had a beautiful weekend enjoying the European summer.

As always I am so happy to see that this week we had more entrances again. For me it was so hard to pick the Top 10 and I lost a lot of my voting power because of so much high quality content that obviously I had to support!!

As always it was really interesting and inspiring to read all your posts and reward them! It's incredible to see so many different beaches from all over the world and listen to your stories.

I feel like every time you guys get more creative and it's just cool to see that you all seem to have fun with this initiative.

At SunThursday I am always impressed about how light changes the pictures and how many of you are able to catch this special light spectacle!!

You can make it to the top 10 by showing great photography skills or writing a great story, little information or sharing your special moment with us, enjoying your BeachWednesday or SunThursday moment. The perfect post of course is the combination of both. - I dislike posts with just one picture in bad quality.

For me the sense of this initiative is to exchange our experiences all over the world and take others to this special moments and places, that maybe want to escape for a bit through steemit :)

So here are my personal TOP 5 of this weeks BeachWednesday

Ocean Sunset Panorama - Steepshot #21


@still-observer once again shows his great skills as a professional photographer taking this shot and sharing it with us. This is exactly how I remember British Columbia Canada.

BeachWednesday Photography by Sunscape "Grandpa Napping"

streetphotography travel panama beachside.jpg

@sunscape transmits the Caribbean atmosphere showing the relax and chilling people from Panama, the grandpa having his siesta at the beach ;)

Fun In Water!


I love it. @photoquest earned his account name without doubt. Im just a fan of his work and hope he keeps on participating at BeachWednesday! What a great shot.

Beach Wednesday in Piran, Slovenia / Urlaub in Piran, Slowenien [EN/DE]


Wow, bilingual is @manncpt telling us about his vacation last year with @orangutanklaus in Slovenia. They seemed to have a great time, staying at an Airbnb enjoying the region. Im looking forward to his next report from Croatia.

BeachWednesday: Blue waves & golden sand


Oh Italy my beloved "bella italia". Since a long time I haven't heard much from @alinabarbu so I was double happy to read her great and detailed post about Sicily. She's just a great ad to this community and I am happy to see her back.

And these are my TOP 5 of this weeks SunThursday!!

📷 Sun Thursday - Magical View Into the Clouds!


@sandstorm is back and shows the light effect of the sun coming through the clouds! For me this kind of spectacles can be magical!

Summer sunrise - Lever de soleil estival [ENG-FR]


Another bilingual entry, this time by @luigi-the-gnome staying at a chilly place, perfect to meditate, do yoga or paint, like @barbara-orenya did. The atmosphere there seems unique.

SunThursday / splendor of bahia


What a colorful sunset that @greymar is showing us from Venezuela. I envy her for growing up at a wonderful beach town like bay of Juan Griego / Venezuela!!

##The child of the Sun


What a detailed report about the Orinoco River and the time there being guests and having a great experience shared by @enclequejose. This is the perfect example of a awesome SunThursday post for me, great pics, great experience and information :) Thanks a lot @enclequejose !

SunThursday - Smiling to life with sunsets


As we can see @vsmb shares our opinion, that most of the time the spontaneous not planned pictures are the best! I love this pic of this little boy enjoying the sunset.

Big Upvote to all 10 of you! - Thanks to all of you for the participation!! And don't forget: you can still vote for this awesome contributions of this week!!

Of course every entry got an Upvote from me as host of these two initiatives, also the ones that didn't make it in the Top 10!

I am already looking forward to the next contributions and of course will also Vote all of your posts & make a post about the TOP 10 next week!

Have a great start of your week!


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8wm5iz1nvb.png Thank you Mademoiselle ! =))


You are welcome!! So cute :)

Hello @lizanomadsoul happy and grateful for the mention in the 5TOP of this week SunThursday. It is gratifying to meet people who also enjoy the wonders that nature gives us. Provided that we can raise the eyes and see more than the routine. Exciting things are in our environment only have to take the time to look at them. Greetings @enclequejose
Hola @lizanomadsoul contento y agradecido por la mención en los 5TOP de esta semana SunThursday. Es gratificante encontrarse con personas que también disfrutan de las maravillas que nos regala la naturaleza. Siempre que podamos levantar la mirada y ver mas allá de la rutina. Cosas fascinantes están en nuestro entorno solo hay que tomarse el tiempo para mirarlas. Saludos @enclequejose

Pues de nada ;) Estoy esperando tu post si quieres participar esta semana ;)

Thank you for your work for the #beachwednesday and #sunthursday community Liz, great initiatives with high quality content! :)


Feels good to be the first time in your TOP 10 list Liz. After the summer I will write another #beachwednesday or #sunthursday post. :)


These are cool challenges, great weekly update Liz! :)

@photoquest and @sandstorms entry are very amazing the way @photoquest took that beautiful water shot really thrilled me as well it's a beautiful photography you know, these entries are awesome, some day I'd get to guest judge as well lol
Wow another Sunday of productive photography. A good job you did with compiling and judging as well, keep up the amazing Job Liz.


I keep it in mind that you want to be judge for when Im too busy to do it next time ;)

Great photographs! Congratulations to all!

I love this post, resteemed and upvoted! Feeling inspired to get our and take more pictures now 🙌