On The Road Again

in busy •  2 years ago 

Hey guys,

I just graduated and I am currently driving through the US one last time before heading back home. Because we are in the car most of the day (and I do not have internet) I will not be very active for the next few weeks. I will try to post and comment, but it will not be very regularly.
I will be a lot more active during the summer, when I do have some time and when I am back home.


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Congratulations on your graduation. Enjoy your road trip.

Thank you sir! Cheers!

Enjoy now your free time my friend! It is going to be well spent :D

If your headed out this way the weather is very nice for this time of year. Im on my way to Oregon at the end of this week so i know what you mean about being in a car all day. Have fun and be safe!

Thank you. Currently in Arizona but we are heading towards Cali in a few days. Excited for the East coast. Safe travels to you! Cheers!

I wish you a good luck, take care
Cheers :)