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I spent many days and nights to speak to you,
hoping what you said were true,
but suddenly you turned to blue,
you're still one of them I know.

Today I traveled alone in the afternoon,
so I could forget your hurting to the moon,
I'm anxious now but I'll be fine soon,
eat your lies or throw them into lagoon!

Hey, sometimes I wanna say "damn you" but I can't,
for letting you go is better than to rant,
who are you for hurting me this way?
go away, don't come back and eat your play!

If I smile don't mean I am okay,
If I laugh don't mean I am happy,
but it's better to lie me to set this spirit free,
please don't visit my mind again it is unfree.

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Perfect lines, awesome

If I smile don't mean I am okay,
If I laugh don't mean I am happy,

i feel you, God bless

hugot from the heart :/ nice poetry of yours @lebron2016

It was really hurt...
Just move on... there's more good people that won't hurt you.

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