Manchester United Europe Oldschool Amiga Game

in busy •  2 months ago

Today we go back to my favorite soccer game. I never liked many sports games esp soccer but this was so much fun. It was released in 1991 so.. long ago. Maybe many of users here are even younger than the game ;)

You could play vs other national teams or with friends, chose players and do really nice tricks.

As Manchester United, you can play European Cup, the Cup Winners Cup or the UEFA Cup, and if you win any of those (i never did) you can go for World Club Championship.

The funny thing is since game is about Man Untd only their players were real, all other teams you played vs were mostly made up names.

Good graphics, amazing sound and high playability made this game really popular and playable. I also started liking Manchested Untd since then and became a fan ;)

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I was going after I wrote my last comment but the Amiga in this title caught my attention, I have a thing for retro games and this one looks cool!!

It sort of reminds me of the PS1 Captain Tsubasa game... This one, do you know it? I played it for many days in my childhood even though I never liked foot ball.

After reading two of your posts, followed!