What Would You Ask CEO of Changelly ?

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I wrote lately that after 2 years im back to interviews on https://fuk.io and since most of these guys are busy i have to preapre them questions and wait for the time they can reply.

Right now i will be sending some to CEO of Changelly - on-the-fly crypto exchange with option of buying crypto with CC, No registration needed - TRY IT HERE.


Anything you would like to ask the guy?

I run those interviews in "there is no hard questions" mode (check previous ones) so if theres something you think could be interesting - leave it in comments, maybe ill use it.

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When will LN support come to Changelly ?


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I would ask about the fees. Downer.

I'd like to ask how do they handle the scam accusations linked with Minergate? I use and recommend both services without complaints but there are numerous blogs and threads that shine a bad light on their services.

Well I can't wait to see those interviews


Why is there no Steem?

Even though the supported currencies claim that Steem is supported.


Any plans to include Steem?

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Why Changelly claims on their website (and multiple other articles on news aggregators) that they support so many cryptocurrencies when eventually it always turns out that you can select only around 40% of them.