Steemit and Bitshares to be Added to Coinbase!

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Coinbase is called "bank for crypto", it has a wallet, easy buy/sell coins and an exchange.

Today news hit about coins that they want to add:

And yes.. STEEM and BTS are among them. Just to be clear - at this point we dont know if they will be exchanged or added for all services,m we know they will add them to the vault - so people/corporations can store them securely (as Coinbase gives bank a like warranty on holdings).

Coinbase Exchange

As you can see for now they just trade a few coins on the Pro (former GDAX) but this is a step in right direction and more fame for STEEM and Steemit and the older brother - Bitshares.

Where to trade BTS and STEEM now?

Some exchanges are in common ie Binance or Huobi, some good ones STEEM has - Bithumb, Bittrex and some BTS has - Lbank ie. I think every holder of BTS should have some STEEM and every STEEM holder should have some BTS.

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Although I'd love to see Steem moon, I also love the chance to keep stocking up on it before it happens. :)


True that, but It is kinda frustrating seeing your vote being the same regardless of accumulating new ones.

There is a bit more than fame at stake here. Whether there is a custody solution may have a huge bearing on whether institutional investors even consider investing. That doesn't mean they will invest, but it opens the door.

This would be awesome.

This is excellent news! The complexity in trading and transferring other crypto for Steem and then getting it into a Steemit wallet is a HUGE detractor, I think, for getting new users here. The application process isn't easy, the mechanics of how it all works isn't easy and getting a crypto investment to work for you here isn't easy. The entire process needs to be simplified to engage a wider base of users and this will be a huge step in that direction.

good i keep all of my STEEM and wait for 10USD per coin :)


Same here, @bigdaddy 😁. I'm really thrillef by this news of steem addition to coinbase. Can't wait.



Bien por usted @bigdaddy le felicito compañero muchas personas llegarán a tener buen dinero, con STEEM. Felicidades


gonna keep mine when i get em too bro

Wow, wow and wow!!! They have at least eight of my coins listed their which includes Steem. This is epic because it can hopefully cause a pump of epic proportions :-)

so good news, we gonna MOON

nice this is gonna be amazing

This is great news for BTS and Steem :)

Does anyone know when will this be?
I am certain that ada, xlm, 0x, bat and Zcash will be listed sooner than all of this coins.
It is a race to get all of this coins before they are listen on Coinbase we all saw what happened to Ethereum and later on on Litecoin when there was a bull market.

Good news. Even if investors choose not to convert institutional capital into Steem, the mere fact that Steem is on the menu will expose it to institutional investors, who may see this as a potential platform to invest in personally. Interesting to see how this works in practice...can somebody create a non-exchange Steem wallet without opening a steemit account?

Hi @kingscrown, thank you for info, but i would not be using Coinbase if they keep the same fee as with Bitcoin...:(((

If Steem is added to their custody service does it mean I can buy Steem with USD?

when moon then ?

It makes more sense for Coinbase to list Steem over any other crypto

I can't wait for when Steem gets on Coinbase

This is exciting news! I cross my fingers and hope they both get added :)

크립토 은행 역할을 하는군용...^^

행복한 주말 보내셔용~!

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

Steem and/or SBD on Coinbase would be great for this platform... game changing news. Fingers crossed!

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Will be huge if it gets listed there. But I guess if they start to add 30+ coins then probably the coinbase effect won't be that great as we have seen with BCH back in december. Nonetheless it will be easier to acquire more steem with fiat money.

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I'm a coinbase user and this is such a good news for me. I withdraw sbd to my coinbase wallet all the time

That will be good for the community.
FYI, your title should probably be steem rather than steemit


We are seeing more oversaw cash and, to a degree, institutional cash entering the space. Episodically, I am aware of numerous individuals who are working at mutual funds or other venture supervisors who are exchanging digital currency by and by, the inquiry is, when do individuals begin doing it with their organizations and assets?


I also think it's a matter of time the institution try to sucker in more people but we just have to be patience. That BTC ETF officialisation (if there's such a word) is like an annual affair now. :-)

Rooting for NEM, ICON, and NEO.

For steem and sbd, I only use trading. The question, do a price is fair?

I would love for steem to be added to coinbase.

Your post was very beautiful. I have read your entire post with my heart

Your work is very very amazing I like your work welldon I am new user on Steemit I need reputation am best apvoter and resteem

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Coinbase is really a good bounty

Very Good

All of you can upvote on my post i will do same for your posts... So... Go ahead.

Fantastic news Sir awesome

What great news thanks for informing me I’d love to have a quick way to buy steem through coin base

Wao this is amazing news....All steemit users are so happy....coinbase is good....

hi kingscrown kindly tell me about warranty on holdings by coinbase. What i understood by the date which you provide us that once we buy from coinbase that investment will be much more safer than any other exchange, am i right, waiting for your answer

What a good news!!!
I hope it will be available for other services soon!!

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Coinbase plays around with many coins, and many rumours came around this year about XRP also and many other coins , but nothing successful, but bro if this happens , then it good for us , thank you for this info,

Steemit and Bitshares to be Added to Coinbase!

and EOS, of course... ; )

This will show more support for Steem.

I am holding Steem from ages for this time I hope that will give us ATH OF STEEM

I am holding Steem from ages for this time I hope that will give us ATH OF STEEM

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Wow! This is huge. Brightens my day, thanks.

Great post..this is going to be amazing.let's wait to rock!

yap, I know a coinbase base exchange is boosting crypto and its a great news coinbase is adding steemit and bitshare.@kingscrown

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Interesting and nice move by coinbase 👍

Coinbase is one of the largest and most reputed exchange in the USA as well as in the world with more than 20 millions users and recently I heard that Steemit and few more coins are going to added.
So it's a good news for every Steemitian because for sure price will be Spike after listing on Coinbase.
So I'm waiting for the day of listing..

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Coinbase sorprende a muchos de sus usuarios, está revolucionando el mundo de las criptos, un beneficio más para la comunidad de criptos.

A month ago I met Coinbase, fence that if it brings many new features for all its users, coinbase is one of the biggest wallets and the first I've known.

This is be golden for all...

Congrats, this post is featured on today’s news (in Chinese :D).

creator of blog

Now thats gangsta! :)

India's first crypto currency-- ATC coin

I think in this year they will add more then 7 altcoins .Thats good sign for crypto

Awesome news! More visibility to Steemit.

Hey I upvote your post because it's like it

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I love Coinbase

We are seeing more oversaw cash and, to a degree, institutional cash entering the space. Episodically, I am aware of numerous individuals who are working at mutual funds or other venture supervisors who are exchanging digital currency by and by, the inquiry is, when do individuals begin doing it with their organizations and assets?