Make Cover of My Ebook - Win 88 SBD

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On my blogpto blog that runs since almost 5 years i used to have free ebook for years. At some point it got outdated and it took it down. Still when you subscribe to the blog it says free ebook inside though.

Took me months of thinking what the next ebook could have (no these are not tips like - deposit FIAT and buy BTC but something more unique) and finally i got the idea. Then i found stamina to write it and now its ready to publish.

Just one thing is missing.. a cover!

So lets have some community fun here and put your proposals as reply to this post.

If you are not an artist but like some cover - vote for it. Im not saying the most voted will win but it will give me some extra info what people like and i may take this into consideration.

I will be paying 88 SBD to the winner.

Why? Because there is no more SBD printed anymore (for now), because 1 SBD was worth 7 USD at some point (and can be again) and because 88 is a lucky number in China.

Info for the cover

Title: Crypto Income Guide
subtext somewhere:
grow your assets / zero tech skills needed
this text can be changed to shorter just to make sense

not sure what should be the pics/graphics.. of course logos of some cryptos from top10 - BTC LTC ETH etc.. maybe some trading charts, maybe some handshakes

you can also use logo somewhere but we will polish the ebook cover after i chose the winner.
Feel free to use some transparent tagging on your ideas/proposals so they are not stolen by someone.

Wanna read it? All people subscribed with emails to (now or in future) will be getting it as soon as its released.

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Hey, I'm not actually a digital artist, but I like to mess with logos and stuff.
Here's a quick one I made. Hope you like the general idea! 😊

Crypto Income Guide.png

Crypto Income Guide (1).png

Crypto Income Guide (5).png

I kept on "playing" with the idea, so here are a few stricter ones...

Crypto Income Guide (1).png

Crypto Income Guide.png

By kingscrown and

@ruth-girl totally not bad :) i like them! but still need to give time to others :)

Thank you!
I can see people are submitting great entries, the competition is going to be hard! :)

simple and to the point. I like it! heh, i guess ill give this contest a try too XD

Its really good 👍👍

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Thanks @trumpman! I like yous too! :)

Hey kingscrown! I made a post with my designs :

But I understand you might be too busy to check it out, so here are my designs:

trumpman (1).png

trumpman (2).png

trumpman (3).png

trumpman (4).png

good entry!

Thank you :)


A wonderful and creative design from me. please use this @kingscrown


Hello @kingscrown, Here's my proposal for your ebook cover. I hope you love it😉✌

I like it simple so I just figured something like this might be different and attract attention anywayScreen Shot 2018-09-09 at 15.55.54.png

Minimal with bitcoin's chart silhouette in the bg
Crypto Income Guide@2x.png

This is my entry

Hi, I have couple of questions.

  1. What is the prefered size? A4?
  2. Do you have any styles or other book covers you like? Some inspiration. Should it be minimalistic or complex? Some favorite colors?
  3. FUK logo is quite old school and hard to replicate and use in small size, would you be ok with a small refresh/redesign in order to be able to use it in any size in the future?

Thank you :)

replied on discord ;)1. A4, 2. not really i like modern stuff i would say 3. log oneeds updating indeed ;)


Here's my proposed ebook cover for you!

hello @kingscrown here is my entry hope you like it.


This post was upvoted for being original, creative and all around amazing.
Keep up the good work!

Cool contest @kingscrown! Here are two designs, with and without extra subs. Feel free to include more subtexts so the reader can get motivated to buy the e-book even more! Maybe some short insights about what they can expect.

"x unique techniques that increase your assets"

Or maybe quotes from readers that already have read it.


Wow. I wish I could design. This is so great. Thumbs up

Haha. Thank you. I am sure there are other things you do that i wouldnt be able to do

Wow. This is really amazing. You did a good job

Thank you sweetheart

My proposal.
Hope you like it.


Hello @kingscrown here is my design proposal for your E-Book Cover. I hope you like it.

I have made two versions with different color. You can ask for changes if you want.

cover cripto book-03.jpg

cover cripto book black-06.jpg

#fukio #cryptoincomeguide #kingscrown

Here's one that I've been toying with! I'm sure I will have others before you are ready to choose. :D Thanks for this awesome opportunity!


Hello @kingscrown
Here is my entry
I used the Logo of to make a word cloud of the info you requested.


This is pretty creative to use the logo to make those keywords. Bravo

Here is my design @kingscrown
Wow so many great designs here
what do you think.




Here's my entry @kingscrown... I hope you loved it.

Check out my design. Hope you like it


Hello @kingscrown I am new on steemit and I am trying to show some skill & talent here , I ve designed 5 book covers for you :)
Why 4?
Well I hope 4 is also a lucky number in China xD
Also if u like my work I will really appreciate some upvotes kingscrown6.jpgkingscrown2.jpgkingscrown3.jpgUntitled-1.jpg

I will like to know more


Here's my proposal @kingscrown.

i am looking for project to work from home , if you find any , kindly let me know on my email address : [email protected]


I hope my proposal is good enough for the winners spot.

Thanks for this =)

Hello, @kingscrown, thanks for the invitation to participate. I would like to do something of quality, read a bit of you to be able to design. How much time do we have to finish the contest?

Wow wow wow... I'm so jumping on this.

Please how long do we have to make this design.
When will the submission for the contest expire.

Wow, some created decent covers down here!

Great idea. When is the deadline?

Nice interesting post..

So many requirements boss. Hope finally you will get the cover.

Since I subscribed I have always wondered when the book will be up. Now I hope soon :-)
I am no artist so it would be difficult for me to make any decent cover for your book but rest assured you will have a reader in me


@kingscrown here's my proposal for you.

Nice work you are doing. Hope our blogs cones to affiliate in future

And a new addition...
1 (1)3.jpg

Great work sir nice blog your post