[Lets Chat] You can buy BTC now at 1/2 price - How Many Would You Buy?

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To make this more precise:

If you could buy any amount of BTC right now from 0.001 up to 200 BTC at 50% of current price - what % of your cryptos would you spend?


So to be clear, BTC today is at 7600, you can buy at 3800.

Okay but before you reply theres a catch:

  • you can sell those BTC for next 2 weeks but only on same price or lower (and you have no control where its gonna go)
  • after 2 weeks you may lose from 0% up to 100% of the BTCs.
  • the chances of winning (keeping cheap BTC) or losing (losing from 1% to 100%) are not 50/50 like in hi low. You cannot predict the risk but in high/low game it either win or lose, while here you can lose just portion.

To make sure we understand each other.

You can buy right now 1 BTC for 3800 USD and in 2 weeks have from 100% of them up to 0% with all other numbers possible. So for example in 2 weeks instead of 1 BTC you may have 0,5 BTC which, since you bought at 50% still makes money. But you can also have 0.

So now - what % of your crypto would you risk in such situation (if any).

Where do i trade BTC mostly?

  • Binance - the obvious top vol exchange, has STEEM
  • BiBox - amazing China exchange, just got to top10 exchanges, i would hop on it if you havent
  • KuCoin - many NEO and ETH pairs
  • Lbank - new chinese exchange that already makes sick volumes
  • CoinExchange - many ETH tokens and anon coins like ZEC XZC EXCL
  • COSS - many deals on ETH tokens for arbitrages
  • Cryptopia - some decent coins that others dont have and nice volumes
  • OpenLedger - decentralized exchange build on BTS, the older brother of STEEM

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i would risk 0.01 BTC... its a lot for me as i mostly use STEEM/USD


I would not take this deal.


Appreciate it

i would risk 5% i think


Great thinking sir

if you say its worth it i would risk 50% :)


Huge one man... Best of luck

How can you lose all purchased BTCs?
BTC is going to zero?


they can be on exchange or a contract ;)


it will rise soon


se debe tener una buena estrategia para esto, por que una ves perdido ya no hay vuelta atrás, arriesgaría 0.01 BTC.

i would sell 1% of my socks to take the risk


how many % of your socks do you loose in the dryer?


how much is 1 sock ?

So essentially this would be like a guess with an equal chance of profit or loss.....
Personally I can't really buy anything since most of my money is already locked up in other cryptos and I don't want to sell before my target prices.


not exactly equal as if you lose 50% you are on 0 (you bought at 50% discount). so from 51% to 100% you are on real loss (small or big)

I didn't get it actually. What's the odds? What and how much can I win?


thats the catch, theres no odds. you can win/loose 1-100% and theres no way to predict it.


Even though I am not a gambler. :) , I would rather take such risks in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo.

I would buy with 1 month worth of my salary and hold it, since I can forget about it and won't be dependent on it, if it drops further. :)


so you would go for this if thats real ? :)


I would. I joined crypto when BTC was at 14k. I bought more when it was back at 10k. I bought when it was at 6k and my next buy will be around 4k if it will drop around that. I still believe that crypto in general is still in its infancy and we are still early adopters to something big in the future.

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Haha none, zero! BTC is useless...


Oh.. Really

more risk and chances of more profit


Appreciate it

0.1 btc.

i would go balls deep and bid it all.

I've got 5 bucks


i would buy 2.63 bit coin it's worth the risk

I am not sure about investing, i think i need more research to be done on this.

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Great for who is exper... What do you think?

Can I buy my bitcoin at Walmart Neighborhood market?

If there's no way to predict any of the parameters, the answer can only be 0.

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I have got 6 bucks. Nice after seeing your post i follow u.

its risky job to invest on btc theae days

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Nice one

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I would risk 2%probably...but what is the profits?

This is a very easy one to answer. Here at CryptalDash Exchange, We would by the whole 200 BTC, instantly and without hesitation!

Let's break down the numbers as of the time of posting.
1 BTC = $7,051.63
200 BTC = $1,410,326.00

If acquiring at a 50% discount the cost for 200BTC is ($1,410,326.00/2) = $705,163.00

When selling at market price we would see a markup of $705,163.00.

Thats a nice deal!

Now where can we buy 200 BTC at a 50% discount? haha

@kingscrown I like your post too much, bitcoin of the world The only currency that is Which millions of people are using, Bit cost price The more you come down more than this Increases, Bit cost price now Is too low In 2019 Bit cost price
$ 35,000 will go, This last bit will cost the price bitcoin End I think This bit will be the last price Because I'm sure
Will not go beyond that what do you think Bit price will go ahead Answer me

Is the final outcome actually based on the market price? or some other value?

If it is the market price, then as long as the price of BTC is at or higher than 50% of what it is now -> you are good.

So since most people would say the chances of a 50% drop within 2 weeks is low - then this seems to be low risk. How is it high risk then??

I think some more detail is needed - because statistically they way I read this at the moment - this is a very good game to play.

i.e. statistically the price in 2 weeks will be between $5000 - $9000. Since the bottom of this range is $5000 which is greater than $3800 = profit. Then to hedge against this position, you go short on Bitmex at 10x to 50x.
-> what a low risk way to increase your btc holdings. I can't see a way to actually lose.

My house is going to go on the market tomorrow (no kidding, it actually is). So I'd happily delay the purchase of the next house and sleep in the car for 2 weeks to play this game.


waiting for 3800, I lost to much in this game
fomo is killing me
Binance, Kucoin
Thanks for your post

Hmm, too iffy. And I don't think I have money I can afford to lose lol

Your exchange list is inaccurate, exchanges such as bitfinex are real, and the exchanges you list are forged trade depths.

I would risk 10./. I think...!!!

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kingscrown i think you are the king of cryptocurrency

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In crypto world you have to take the risk to get rich .. 😋

I rarely hold bitcoin, I only use it to buy altcoins, going to be manly STEEM for now.

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Hi @kingscrown are you really serious that one can buy BTC at half price. And if I but at half price then why would it become 50% of it. I couldn't understand how thats possible.

I'D get as much as I could afford.


I would spend 0.002-0.008 BTC

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Im broke af so Ill buy 0.02 btc

Will sell my altcoins and all in to this!

Hello! @Kingscrown you outstanding... I loved your blogs and I am also making blogs like you can you help me to grow my post please upvote. Thank you

Bro everyone missed the chance last year in 2017 when BTC was around $2500 and it was in February 2017 , again till September 2017 it was around $4000 , it’s only October when the bull started running and it was just six weeks , there after it’s all tucked up , it’s RED , red and red , everyone is bleeding from last 8 months . According to the graph BTC WILL come between $ 3000 to $ 4000 anytime soon , because graph says that , but every one is so much stuck into every level that now no more until we recover.Everyone is waiting to recover and move out , market cap for this industry is just stuck at $300 billion , until fresh money comes , I am staying away,So My point yes BTC will come to $ 3000


That is very difficult to predict. Going to $3000 is very unrealistic at this point. But going back to 20K is not realistic as well in the short run.
If I had free cash now, I would start buying BTC today and buy more if it drops to lower levels. Buy step by step and get weighted average price before the next bull run to new highs. And this bull run could be in 2019 or 2020.


I start in 2017 with $19000
but if it down $3000 I'll buy more

I am sorry but this is kind of boring. Like you have 0-49 you make a profit and from 51-100 you lose profit.

Therefore you are just blindly betting in this situation. You actually have better odds in high or low (proper high or low) at making a profit. This also has some pretty bad profit margins relative to just going out and buying some shit alt pump and dump coin, risking maybe $3 and potentially jump up something like 500%+ during some pumping.

Ultimately to buy, no. Gambling at pure odds like this are risky and no investor should buy unless they believed that the probability for profit out weights the probability of loss (even if the odds aren't so simple).

like catching a falling knife, sadly i think 5k is on the tables

BITCOIN prices rose slightly this morning to give the cryptocurrency market a small boost. Prices have been steadily rising in 2018 after the market suffered a dismal Q3. What is the price of bitcoin?

Tough question I have no idea haha.

Well, this is not the first, and not the last time that crypto have a fallback, i'm sure it will be going down more and up more because btc is volatile, but it will going to be more stable in the future so buy today BTC at half prize is just a GOOD DEAL! Because I think they will not going down that prize in my opinion!

I would risk 25%.

Binance - the obvious top vol exchange, has STEEM
BiBox - amazing China exchange, just got to top10 exchanges, i would hop on it if you havent
KuCoin - many NEO and ETH pairs
Lbank - new chinese exchange that already makes sick volumes
CoinExchange - many ETH tokens and anon coins like ZEC XZC EXCL
COSS - many deals on ETH tokens for arbitrages
Cryptopia - some decent coins that others dont have and nice volumes
OpenLedger - decentralized exchange build on BTS, the older brother of STEEM

@kingscrown sir if u say so i would risk of 25%

I think 50% risk.

Is it the correct time to Buy BTC or should i invest my funds to anything else ?
Please Suggest @kingscrown

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I will invest .1 BTC as it will more reward too

@kingscrown-What you will do, you will buy BTC as per present market conditions or wait ?what is your opinion?

En mi opinión muchos recorren a simplificar sus estrategias, para disminuir la probabilidad de perder, y bueno soy nuevo en este mundo de las criptos, y si tuviera para apostar lo haría.

@kingscrown awe! very interesting

I would risk 40% it's best range to buy I think.

I am ready take risks because I know btc will boom soon ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

Bitcoin is by all accounts an exceptionally encouraging thought. I like constructing security in light of the suspicion that the CPU intensity of genuine members exceeds that of the assailant. It is an extremely present-day idea that adventures the intensity of the long tail.