Finally My Free Ebook - Crypto Income Guide - Is Out!

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I believe in sharing information for free so i post and blog since years with my finds or opportunities. Ive verified the content of this ebook and it will teach both newbies and oldschoolers something they possibly didnt know of.

Writing process didnt take me long but the topic that could feed both professionals and newbies wasnt easy to chose from, luckily i think ive made it.


Normally from crypto ebook you expect to learn how to buy crypto or trade or maybe do some installs. Not in this case.

What This Ebook is NOT About

Im sure many smart guys will try to predict what's inside before they read so here is what's not there so you can mark those off your lists:
– making money from referrals
– lending cryptos
– installing masternodes
– running proof of stake wallets
– mining of any PoW algo
– using betting or casino sites
– investing into ICOs

Interested to Check It ?

Grab it and check a longer write up as i dont want you to waste time reading and downloading unless you really want it.

My Official Discord Crypto/Steemit Group -

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For the cover ive made a contest here and winner got 88 SBD for this one. Hope you like the design!

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im sure this is good stuff getting this now!

New york's best Seller !


u mean whole globe

Excellent book,
I like your idea to lear about this topic.
the design IS NICE.
well done

Interesting how you only tell us what it's not about 😁

I'll give it a look, thank you!


thats my trick ;)

Congratulations Kings and thank you for giving so much value to the community.

many thank you bro for this good book !

How to get this book for reading???


signup with email on the blog

Hi @ kingscrown
This is the first time I am reading your article. And I am looking forward to download this free ebook. Hope fully this will help me to know how to work on Crypto and generate some income.
Thanks for sharing us e-book.
Please do share many more such articles. This will definitely help STEEMIT member to grow.


yes i want Steemit to grow

Free knowledge...sounds good.

I tried visiting the link you posted but couldn't see ehere i could download the e-book don't know if it ain't there or the problem is from my own end. Please let me know


just signup with email anywhere


Am trying to avoid dat bcos i am limiting my newsletters cuz i end up not readinh some

Congratulations for your book. I will download in my computer

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Wao very wonderful topic of your book.Hopefully this book will be so papular in the world.Congratulations sir.My best wishes always with you.

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thank you this really excellent !

Congratulations for your book, I wish you much success, the presentation is very beautiful.

Your are savior of people who are open minded to ge out of comfort zone of poverty

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I went ahead and downloaded it! I liked it you are providing a lot of good resources, bravo!!

Nice! Keep it up.

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good to hear ...
i signedup for ebook ..
thanks for this money making book.. haha lol

@kingscrown just browsing around Steemit posts and stumbled onto your page. Wow that's super cool free e-book to share! Sharing is caring, thanks for doing that! Upvoted your post to support! :)

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Thanks You Everyone


im sure this is good stuff getting this now!

very intresting topic & blog

Now this book is the best!

Sharing these kinds of info is very useful. Thanks.

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Really nice book thank you for sharing i must read it.



Good job ... will you teach us to move to FIAT money without a trace, won´t you?

Thank you!, I really appreciate your sharing!. Regards

May the time is now to start buying crypto ,positive news started already ,sensing the opportunity ability will help to create wealth in such market.

Gracias por el libro y buena suerte

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Nice! I'll check it out.

This seems like an interesting ebook: especially as it is free--the best things in life they say are free.

Congratulations @kingscrown!
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Thank u very much

How can I get it? I subscribed but I didn't get any download link of anything similar?