Elon Musk Likes Ethereum.. I expect New Bullrun Now

in busy •  5 months ago

BTC crossed 7k USD yesterday after some CNBC interview with Roger Ver.

Today Elon Musk wrote a funny tweet speaking of ETH.

We can say.. streets are coming again if no bad news hit.

Markets ETH

BTC Longs/Shorts


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This post was upvoted for being original, creative and all around amazing.
Keep up the good work! Thank you for being a supporter. <3

He's witty and funny but that's all it is.

Great news, he is such a big star all over the world, people listen to him whenever he opens his mouth!

Thank you Elon, very cool!

Thats a good news
As we can see that some Common newses can also Pump up the Cryptocurrency so why don’t they believe in it.

is he a pope?


He is the real life Tony Stark.


he is batman..


thats some true shit

maybe this is the time we start investing in ETH.... go guys

Im ready to hold the bull by the horn whilst it runs. Lol


the bull is well fed now... ready to charge...

Even more important, Elon brings attention to Blockchain and Crypto, that's what we need - spread the word :)

Woowww that great that BTC has crossed 7USD

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@kingscrown it's good to see something about bull run somewhere. heheh.. let's see when bull run will come ? it will come sooner or later

buy the dip!!!

It's a great thing fr crypto community by seeing this thing from Elon Musk...hope bull-run may be here soon...and long it may reign :D