BitCash - Super Easy To Use and Mine Coin

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If you follow me, you will know that I like sharing coins that have only recently launched, are easy to mine and are still not on any exchanges - this way there is more of a chance to get those gains of 10x-1000x gains ;)

This time i found BitCash.

The wallet for BitCash is one of the nicest I've seen and it is designed so that it is simple to use. Users can start mining BitCash by a click of a button inside the wallet.

The BitCash wallet has some other awesome features like:

  • allowing users to create nicknames for their address
  • description line feature that allows senders to insert a description for each transaction
  • verify before sending
  • a cool "send to anyone" feature where you can send BitCash coins to anyone, even if they don't have a wallet.

If you want to try go to website and download wallet.

Sync it and go to "mining" tab. Click start and "turn off animation".

Whats special here?

Cryptocurrencies have a problem. The blockchain (the network that stores transactions) is public, that means anyone that knows your wallet address can see your transactions. Privacy cryptocurrencies such as Monero attempt to solve this however, law enforcement agencies despise this as it fosters illegal activity including tax evasion and money laundering. A growing number of governments and exchanges have banned privacy crytpocurrencies.

BitCash uses a sophisticated algorithm to make sure your transactions are private to the general public. However, the BitCash blockchain has a master-key that enables governments, law enforcement agencies and exchanges to explore the network as if it were public - similar to the Bitcoin network. This is best of both worlds -- just like your bank account where you have "Safe privacy". Privacy from prying eyes that deters illegal activity.


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Always great content, thanks for sharing and I will check out bitcash!

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Welcome to

You have a promising content, it seems that anyone can make a very good income with your ahahaha advice, but my pc does not have as much power, I take advantage of it?

So 'private' from us little mindslaves, but public to government prying eyes? A government masterkey? Yikes. Call it 1984 coin. The new definition of Privacy. Privateish.

I would still mine this thing and sell quick, I'm sure there's lots of authorities that would endorse this coin. Thanks for the tip.


FYI - Bitcoin is not private.


If a user wanted privacy, he would not use bitcoin.

like it thanks....

Thank you so much for sharing...

Thanks for the info share.
You mentioned you like bringing up coins before they hit exchanges.
Is that the case with this one? Can't find much info on it, so assume so, but I could easily be getting tripped up by my ignorance.


Join the discord there is a ton of info there :)


Thanks. Will check it out.

looks nice, thanks for the shares

Nice one brother! Thanks for the heads up!

bitcash is not related to bitcoin right?


No it is not


but why everyone keep link both together :x

this is nothing related to bitcoin right?


No it is not

Nice one, thanks for sharing and I will have a look on bitcash!

bitcash is mining the real bitcoin?


With the tools provided by bitcash, you mine bitcash not bitcoin


thank you for your reply, so this bitcash is not same like bitcoin, buy why everyone is trusting this? just because it use the same name as bitcoin?


Trusting any cryptocurrency is a bad idea. What people do is trying to find a cryptocurrency which has potential in the future. The features of bitcash sounds promising but you never know since there are nearly 2000 coins now.

Awesome looking project! You guys have a referral program? Thanks.


There is no referral program