My complete denture patient

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It was a super tiring day for me.
I had my first meal at 7pm.
Today I practice to set teeth for my patient
At first I was having a hard time since her case is very difficult
And I’m feeling really nervous because tomorrow is my last chance to pass this practicals.

I hope tomorrow I will remember all the reminders and techniques used to set her teeth and for me to be able to pass the exam.

Also, out of my expectation I passed one of our rpd practicals, refer to my past post.
All I can say is all is well, all is well :)



uow chị có phòng khám riêng ạ ?

K e ơi này là phòng khám của trường :)

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Hi followed You, upvoted
One of my sons ( i have 4 sons) just started with the study, he is in his books every day (horror pictures of people with bad diseases) 1 day in the week every student has their own patient they help a few weeks trough a treatment.

I do not know how he came to to the idea to study for dentist... I myself I am afraid of the dentist.

I am sure You will do all to help this lady and You will do fine to pass the exam.
nice to meet You!

It’s a chaotic world in dentistry school but trust me it will be worth it!

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