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People say- 'tall like a monument!' Seeing such a high house,

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People say- 'tall like a monument!' Seeing such a high house, we say 'Es! High house. ' But once you come back to America, then that house will be very small in your eyes. At the head of the monument, there are more than four monument pressed, but the American people will say 'yes, some are high!' A house in New York is fifty-five feet high and fifty meters high! A normal three-story house is about 40 feet high-one such house is placed on one side and another 750 feet high! America's one-third of the forty-fourth house of forty-five-rupees!
One house should be one Sahar. How many offices are in it, how many shops in the Hotel Church School Theater Bioscope Post office! Rows in the house at one place, like a cage house - people are getting up and running, twenty to twenty-five storages are not difficult to break through. Thirty thousand people in the house-all are busy, there is no noise but there is no noise. The settlement is such a nice thing that if one needs something, then he does not have to sit down or walk twenty miles away. Make a telephone call at all the shops in the house, which you want to come home in two minutes!
When you enter the house, you will see that there is not much building on the head, even ten floors below the ground. There is no way out of the sun's light - the light of daylight works. In these lower floors, many factories-big electric wheelchairs of electric companies, big boilers' for heating the house-big printing press was printed in the evening newspapers. There are ten floors of this kind of house on the street, in the shadows of the road - in the darkness of the road, there is no sun in the sky - if you see the sky, you have to look up the neck and look up. But those who are in the top 30 or forty floors, there is no shortage of light in their light. The road mist does not reach the high fog so it is very clean.
Wondering to see the houses, the curiosity to create them is so strange. Before constructing the house, it is necessary to dig around 100/150 hand cavities. The place where the house will be, its very strong and very high 'crane'. In that call, the columns are placed in the right place by placing big iron pillars. Then put the iron bars in the neck of the pillar and put them in the nail screw. Likewise, a skeleton of all houses was erected before. Then the stone wall filled with the wall of the clay, and when the door is set on the window then it looks like a house. Those who do these things can understand that they need a lot of courage. Walking over the top of the 400-odd iron barrage from the ground-sitting on top of it, doing work, when and how to get downstairs - such things are not the work of such a person.

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