🌲The Scenic Views in Channel Islands! 🌲

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While in Jersey, we decided to hike the coast. The views from the coastal hike are incredible. I thought I would share some of the photos we took of this amazing place.

Here I am on top of the world! Okay, so maybe it's not really the highest point, but it sure felt like it!


I loved how you could see purple flowers everywhere. The plants were thriving, and everything was green!


For fun, we even took a "follow me" photo. This was a very popular photo that people had on Instagram. hehe.


If you ever get the chance to visit Jersey, I highly recommend you start early to give yourself a full day. The costal hike goes on for miles, and if you are like us (bad with directions) it may take you a while to find your way out!

Are there any hikes you recommend I visit? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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Such a great spot, I love the water and all the flowers!

Great views and mystery.

I believe that your post is undervalued and deserves a reward.
I added it to the list of underappreciated posts.

Great post can nature is best

Great to see that you are enjoying Europe :)

aww yes! Europe is so beautiful! You are so lucky to live on this side of the world :)

I never really hiked before, but looking at your pictures and the view I should sometimes. Awesome.Here in Holland there is not much space or beauty to hike to or for... This year I'm gonna visit Crete (in 1,5 week) perhaps I can make a start hiking overthere :)

Have a great day !!

OooO I've heard wonderful things about Crete! :) The views look epic there!

The beaches of Le Hocq and La Rocque in the south east of the island have some of the largest tidal movements in the world – Jersey doubles in size twice a day. When the tide is low it disappears over the horizon and leaves a rocky landscape that is ripe for exploring. With wellies and nets you can wander for miles overturning stones looking for crabs and squatting over rock pools studying anemones. Just beware of the tide turning because it can race you up the beach as fast as you can walk....the view of the coastal hike are incredibly looking good,.. Nice post

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Oh wow, your trip looks super-awesome!! Made me want to go there :)).

It’s always so peaceful being in nature . And the feeling of being on op of the world