Tennis Game 🎾

in busy •  7 months ago 


Hello dear friends, this are some photos from my tennis game. I would love to share them with you here on our Steemit Platform and then go to sleep 😉😴
Hallo liebe Freunde, das sind einige Fotos von meinem Tennisspiel. Ich würde sie gerne hier auf unserer Steemit-Plattform mit euch teilen und dann schlafen gehen 😉😴






See You ! 🎾
Bis Bald ! 🎾
photos by @kam.ila


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Hey, Hey, ... much more famous people are here on Steemit-Plattform again. ... Today it looks like Kam.Ila Maria Sugarpova... ?! (((🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾)))
All these Pics are Reale Big Shots, and
Thx for this Post ^^

Serena Willims. inc.

kam.ila sharapova

Amazing and beautiful shots there looking so pretty :D

when you will invite me to play tennis?

ive been there once in Montreux to the Jazz Festival :)
do you live there?

all the best,