Blazing Late Summer

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Late summer or early autumn? Indian Summer?
I cannot feel autumn is closer! The temperature is still around 30 degrees, only at dawn the temperature goes below 15 degrees. Global warming? I'm afraid it's true... I'm thinking of this year's wildfires in Europe and the USA, and that makes me sad, very sad...


Mother Earth is ill and She has high fever. How will She recover? By hurricanes, tornadoes, hailstorms, melting icebergs, earthquakes, etc. that will swipe off the biggest cities of the Earth. And what about Yellowstone super-volcano? I'd rather not think about it!


The only hope is a sudden change in human consciousness! Humanity is made up of individuals and their groups. For us, people in the developed world have greater responsibility.
Stop excessive consumption NOW! Not tomorrow, NOW! Live your life easier without any luxury, end your selfishness and love each other and Mother Earth! It is not guaranteed that we will survive the years to come, but perhaps in the next life, everything will turn right.


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I can't stop looking at this

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So beautiful and eyecatching! ❤😊👍