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RE: Connecting The Dots: Resource Credits Will Make STEEM A Lot More Valuable

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You're either a cheerleader fro Steem or an "enemy." This place has gotten too religious, and real and valid concerns like yours are usually ignored by out of touch higher-ups here. Sorry to say. I've been here over two years and that does not matter to these types either.


I think people are very emotionally and financially invested, so it does lead to that sort of absolutism in thinking. Fundamentally I think we all have something of a "come to Jesus" moment coming, where we realize STINC really doesn't care about Steemit or the users on it. They care about SMTs, and they will use us however they can to advance them toward that goal. Whatever we are going to get out of the situation along the way is going to be up to each of us. We each have to decide how we relate to an eternal beta and being a part of development. For some that is fine, and they will defend STINC because they truly are not bothered by the experimentation, so long as they feel it benefits them. For others, well not everyone wants to invest themselves in a place that doesn't care whether they stay or leave any moment. There is no right or wrong answer on this, just the right or wrong one for each of us.

@indigoocean I have wondered the same thing. I have been here over a year, now and noticed that there was little communication, and steemit seemed to just be a way to attract devs to build on it. I mean the site still looks like it was developed in 2000. :-) Now, I am noticing that the few times I have seen a comment from Ned, you know he does not give 2 sh**ts about what we (his customers) think. :-) He often avoids answering questions by not "really" answering them. I would venture to say that he is building this blockchain as a way to attract developers to other apps build on it, NOT to make steemit a great platform. From that standpoint, it will make him a lot of money - a lot.

Yep, I think that's it. I haven't read anything from Ned until reading some of his replies to comments on their current "mea culpa, but it was a success" post. I was thinking, is this guy high? No, just doesn't give 2 shits.

Very well said.

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