Dark Clounds, Rolling in.

in #busy3 years ago
Dark Clouds are Rolling in

Darkened clouds inside the mind,
Waiting for the clash.
Of thunder to release the bind,
Praying for the bang.
To bring words I cannot find.

A clash! a bang! a rumbling roar
Wild winds and rain
Do I dare open this door
Confront this nature
Or for the mind to endure.

Unlatch a door, see a storm there
Thunder rolls, sparks of clouds
Clouds burst, watery drops to share
Every drop a letter.
To bring them safe together

Swirling thoughts none of a kind
Falling letters, scrambled words
Come together, a word to find
They ease and ebb
River of words, Letters combined.

I was sitting here thinking what to write and this is a little ditty that came to mind.


ooh Multi tasking drinking and writing

write some more call it your blogetry

Keep posting you will start growing

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