How to Make a Solar Toy Ship

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Posted By Muhammad Agus »Monday, July 10 2018
Inevitably, the supply of petroleum or fossil fuels is increasingly depleting. If so, the availability of energy in the future will be threatened. Renewable energy is the only solution to this problem. One of the renewable energies that God bestows upon us is the sun. Sunlight can be converted into electrical energy, and you know, until the doomsday sun will not go out, so the sun is an energy source that is always renewable.
Homemade Solar Power Ship
So for that we need to start to occupy the next generation that using renewable energy is better than using fossil energy. One of them is by making a solar toy ship. The point of this solar powered toy ship is that sunlight is converted into electrical energy which drives the propeller motor. Okay, just follow the Tutorial on How to Make the Solar Toy Ship below.
Materials and Tools for Making Solar Toy Vessels
Styrofoam corks are formed to ship
Mini solar panel
Dynamo dc motor
Toy ship propellers
Tutorial on How to Make a Solar Toy Ship
How to make a mini sit drill

To make this solar toy ship, first install a dynamo dc motor on the part of the ship using gun glue like the picture below.
Next, attach the straw pieces using the glue gun just in front of the dynamo dc motor. This straw will be useful for steering restraints.
Install the wire that has been bent in the straw.
At the bottom of the ship, the wire that had been attached to the straw had a steering wing mounted like the picture below.
In order for the dynamo as long, attach the contents of the pen that has been used up which will be used to install the propeller.
Next, put four sticks of ice cream stick on the top of the ship that is used as a buffer for solar panels.
Before installing solar panels, first install cables that connect dc motors and solar panels that have also been installed by the switch.
Next, just put the solar panel on the ice cream stick.
It has become, the homemade Solar Toy Ship and is ready to be tried in the pool under the sun.
The advantage of this Homemade Solar Toy Ship is that it does not require a battery, because the energy source is pure from the sun. With this method of making solar toy boats, you can convey education on the importance of saving energy as well as the advantages of renewable energy that is better than petroleum energy. So, a tutorial on how to make a solar toy boat, hopefully useful, thank you.

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