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Professor Dr. Salma Chowdhury

One is not pregnant, both have to eat. But what do you eat for both? Every day you will eat enough vitamins and minerals. Even before pregnant, it should be taken in addition to taking healthy balanced foods as well as having pranatic vitamins (vitamins for pregnancy needs). Every time you take a meal, fill your greens with green vegetables, fruits, grained grains (wheat bread).

Besides, calcium rich foods like broccoli and low-fat milk etc. will be eaten in plenty. It will increase the bone and teeth growth of the growing fetus. Without it, non-lean meat, such as chicken meat, can be taken regularly. Foods that are meant to be avoided are avocado halak, fish and non-edible milk and cheese. Because these foods may contain bacteria called listeria, which may lead to fetal risk of infectious diseases, even miscarriage due to the entry into the womb.

Besides, there is the possibility of having liveria bacteria in sandwich foods prepared with half-hearted meat. So should be avoided. Some studies have found that there is no difficulty in taking caffeine in the normal level of pregnancy. However, in some cases, the risk of abortion increases to increase caffeine. Therefore, the first three months of pregnancy should avoid taking caffeine (tea or coffee) foods.

Apart from this, there is a risk of high levels of caffeine diet and immunization of children underweight. But if you can not afford to leave it, then a limited quantity (300 milligrams per day) can be taken every day, ie two cups of coffee per day. If consuming alcohol during pregnancy, it hinders the normal growth of the newborn's physical and mental structure. So of course, alcohol should be avoided.

Writer: Singing and maternity specialist

Professor, Ganye Division

Dhaka Medical College and Hospital

Chamber: Al-Raji Consultation and Diagnostic Center

Concord Center Point, Farmgate, Dhaka

01712978159, 01912236735

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