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Is studying a luxury or a right?

It is a question that took a long time to question me and without doubt the cause of mood swings, being in this stage of life as it is my case with only 19 years old and as full of worries as it is an uncertain future because so it is, the houses of studies are becoming more unstable both public and private universities and I say this with the necessary bases to make this argument.

Undoubtedly, studying at a private university is a luxury that not everyone can afford due to the high cost of a semester that is located at approximately 8,400,000bsf, not being an established figure for all universities.

Assuming that a minimum salary is located at 5.000,507 bolivars, this being the fifth increase in what is worth of the year is a rate that is not enough to cover a semester in a private university that gives you what is necessary to obtain a degree.

On the other hand, we have the public sector is deteriorating in facilities such as education, however we are going to encompass everyone because they are professionals who do their job very well and still do not receive the necessary benefits.

As students we deserve an education which we can afford without costing the inputs, food and other factors that influence the development of a society.

What are the consequences of these changes?

No doubt radical changes in the environment of Venezuela due to the situation many, adolescents, professionals, and entrepreneurs who want a better future decide to go to other countries in search of a dream leaving Venezuela without professionals in the hands of those who only settle for crumbs

This brings as a consequence that the country each time falls lower, is it fair? I do not believe it because people may have great knowledge, to use the cure of a disease or to develop a product of great importance for society and this person can not afford their studies.

As one the thoughts of Bolívar express it:

A being without studies is an incomplete being.
-Simon Bolivar

Image taken by me from the University of Carabobo Venezuela

Camera used: Android


  • Without a doubt, study is the right that every person should have.


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