Learn English Words the Easy Way Series – Backlash (n) 轻松学习英语单词系列 – Backlash(名词)

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This series is particularly tailored for people learning English – English words particularly. Like many languages, English words can be broken down into parts; each part has its own meaning, contributing to the overall meaning of the word itself. Understanding how each word is put together with “parts” helps a learner remember English words easier.

这个系列特别适合学习英语单词的人。像许多语言一样,英语单词可以分解成不同组合部分; 每个部分都有着自己的含义,然后合起来组成这个词的整体意义。了解每个单词如何通过这些“部分”组合在一起有助于学生更容易记住每个英语单词。

Backlash (n) (名词)

Phonetics 音标: [ bak-ˌlash ]

Meaning 意义:

A strong reaction against social or political change.


In Part 分解部份:

back + lash [n]

back + lash [n]

回 + 鞭挞 [名词]

Backlash is obviously composed of 2 words: back and lash. The word is created originally to show how wheels reacted on each other produced by an inconstant load.


Examples 例句:

  1. The company settled the lawsuit to avoid any possible backlash from the public.

  2. The president received backlash for expressing his opinion.

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