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RE: Social Media and the ability to focus on Deep Work.

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I am late, sorry. Distract you can be everywhere, even on this platform. It is not easy not to search for some interesting stuff here. So what do you read and what not. I am on and off Steemit because after a while I read more than I should, means I am reading too fast....
By the way did you finally write something more about Auroville? I would like to know if there is a common language used. As I understood the majority of people over there is from India but most people speak English or French. Have you heard Esperanto in Auroville?


Hey, I still have to write about Auroville! Will do that in the future! However, most of them speak english, french and german. I heard esperanto once I believe!
Glad to hear from you! All the best!

[email protected] Looking forward to reading from you again.

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