A New Challenge

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I have never been big on posting my own videos on platforms such as YouTube, FB, etc. I've always been the viewer. This will be a challenge. I've decided to create a new YouTube channel solely dedicated to uploading pre-recorded video gameplay videos, and eventually live streams.


I know I'm going to have to learn how to specifically do this by knowing: What I'll need?, A format?, Tools?, etc. Until I discover the necessities to create awesome content, I've already started uploading videos (2 at the time of this posting). I can already see by my uploads, I have much more to learn. So I'm posting the 2 uploads for honest feedback. Here they are.


GTA Online Test Video

This is my first video I have uploaded to my new #YouTube channel. The channel is dedicated to #video #gaming.

I'm new to #streaming/#recording #games, so when I discovered I could record my in game play on my #PS4, I did a test run. This video is that test run. Please bear with me, I'm just learning this and can't guarantee professional looking videos. However, I do guarantee the quality of my content will improve.

Any suggestions on improving my content are open to comments. With this said, here's my first video titled, "#GTA #Online Test Video".

Uncharted 4: A Thieves End

I've started an Uncharted 4 gameplay play-through video series. This will be my first game "walkthrough" to get more practice on getting better at this. I've chosen #Uncharted4: A #Thieves #End. I do have all the #Uncharted games, except for Uncharted: The #Lost #Legacy (#standalone #expansion to Uncharted 4).

When it comes to Uncharted 4, it's the story that draws me to liking this installment the most. Don't get me wrong, all the games in this franchise have great stories, but I'm more "attracted" to this one. Maybe it has to due with being developed for the #PS4, while the previous 3 were released on the #PS3 first (until the #remastered versions for PS4).

I've labeled each #video that I create as #episodes, this being episode 1. The videos (episodes) will be 1 hour long. With this being said, here is episode 1 of "Uncharted 4: A Thieves End".

I'll be working on improving any and all future content.


I'll be posting content on Red Dead Redemption 2 starting Friday once released. I pre-ordered RDR2 and it's downloaded and ready to go. So please standby as I plan on sharing all future content

If you'd love to connect with me, click on the listed platforms:

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