Naughty student wants to trick the teacher... Let's see their conversation.

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Naughty child: Sir ! I wanna ask a question. May I?

Sir : Yes yes ask.

Kid : How to keep the elephant in freeze?

Sir : Idiot ! Elephants can not go to freeze.

Kid : Sir ! freeze is very big, first open the freeze and put the elephant in. 😆😆

Kid : Sir ! I wanna ask a question more.

Sir : Yes, yes ask.

Kid : How to keep the donkey in freeze?

Sir : First you will open the freeze and put the donkey in it.

Kid : Wrong answer, will first remove the elephant and then keep the donkey in.

Kid : Sir ! One more Question.

Sir : Yes Yes, ask.

Kid : All animals came in the monkey's birthday party, but one animal could not came to the party. Tell that name?

Sir : The Lion has not come because he would eat all the animals.

Kid : Again wrong answer! the donkey did not come to the party because he is in the freeze. 😆 😆 😆

Kid : Want to ask one more question?

Sir : (with anger) Ask you stupid.

Kid : There is a river on the path in which there is a dangerous crocodile and there is no bridge to pass over that river, how will you cross the river?

Sir : I will cross the river by boat!

Kid: Again wrong answer.

Sir : Stupid --- then how would I?

Kid : Sir where will you get the boat at random, you could swim into the river and cross it.

Sir : Who will save me from the Crocodile? Your father?

Kid: Sir ! You are so sneaky? You know that, all the creatures , the beast has gone to the monkey's birthday party, how will crocodile come to the river? 😀😀😀😀

😭😭 By hearing these type of tricky answers the teacher has become unconscious. Lol..