10 Question Interview with @jasonshick!

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What is the most attractive thing about Steem and Steemit?

As a blogger, Steem is ten times better than any other option from making a WordPress blog on a URL to trying Blogger or Medium because Steem offers a huge boost to Google search rankings along with the possibility of earning rewards immediately. As a reader, I love being able to upvote posts that are helpful and use @steemvoter to give consistent rewards to the authors I enjoy.

As an investor, Steem has the potential to increase hundreds of times in value because of automatic growth of the community from blogging, the inspiration for developers to build apps on the Steem blockchain, and the upcoming launch smart media tokens allowing any existing community to bring in the power of Steem.

As a witness at https://steemit.com/~witnesses, I am grateful to have a chance to participate in the creation of the blockchain and discussion about the upcoming features without the need to compete on processing power.

When we combine all of these together, Steem is the opportunity many of us have been looking for to have a voice that is not subject to third party censorship, earn a portion of the value we create on social media, and make deeper connections with our fellow human beings.


When you are not in front of your computer helping the Steem community, what other hobbies do you have?

I wrote a post and made a video sharing what I do every day at https://steemit.com/happierpeople/@jerrybanfield/what-do-i-do-every-day-169 and in the YouTube video below. To summarize, I spend a few hours a day with my family, an hour or two at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, a few hours doing Steem, a few hours making electronic music in Ableton Live 9, and end the day with an hour walking my dogs during which I listen to books and talk on the phone. Music is my current hobby of passion with gardening just getting started.


If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Spending an ordinary day with Eckhart Tolle might be nice because I have listened to so many of his books and retreats as well as seeing him in person once in Vancouver, Canada. Eckhart wrote The Power of Now and A New Earth which were incredibly helpful for me as seen at https://www.eckharttolle.com/. I would like to go to lunch with him and see where he lives.

That said, I would rather see most of my friends if I am going to travel than any celebrity!


Where do you see Steem and Steemit in 5 years?

In 5 years, Steem will have a hundred million accounts with a price of $100+ and be close to overtaking Bitcoin as the top cryptocurrency with nearly all of the others out of business. In place of sending people to Facebook, most people and companies will send to Steemit. At least one government will have made a smart media token the official currency of the country. @ned's head will have a significant increase in gray hairs.


What is one thing that most people don't know about you?

At Steemfest many meeting me expected me to be outgoing and talking all the time but really I am an introvert. Most of my days are spent in silence except for making videos and I am laid back in every day life.


In 5 sentences or less, tell Steemians why you deserve their vote.

I try to vote on posts, comments, and witnesses where my vote does the most good. I trust each of us to do the same here and focus my energy on making the maximum contribution I can each day with the least resistance.


With some of the current problems Steem faces, what, if any solutions do you see?

After Steemfest in Portugal, I considered all of the problems and proposed the solution I think that will help address these the most in my Steem Budget Proposals whitepaper at https://steemit.com/steem/@jerrybanfield/steem-budget-proposals-whitepaper.


With so many other tools and sites having been created for the Steemit user, if you had to pick one, which would be the most useful for a new Steemian to use?

https://steemit.chat and the discord channels like steemspeak.com offer the most help to a new user hoping to get immediate answers to questions and connect with established community members.


What is the biggest mistake new users make when joining Steemit?

By far the top mistake is not setting up a system for keeping the password both secure and backed up combined with not using the posting and active keys to log in. In my first month on Steem, I signed in with the password everywhere without realizing what a big risk that was!

I just made a new video about this today in my upcoming Steem bootcamp series with day #1 being account security. Friends and family I have seen joining take the same attitude with the password as if it was a website like Facebook where losing the password is not a big deal.

The one thing we need to make sure new users understand is how to secure and backup the password along with immediately using posting and active keys to sign in. As Steem continues to grow, account security problems are likely to be some of our biggest pain points with educating users being our top tool for prevention.


If there was a worldwide internet and cellular blackout for a week, what would you do for those 7 days?

Enjoy time with the people around me! My vision is for Steem is to help our world to transition to peer to peer connections where we are free from governments, companies, and all the mental structures that we use to limit our ability to have a relationship with the human beings around us.

The big goal of my/our work online is to be of service in assisting humanity in reconnecting to our collective mind consciously and consistently.

Jerry Banfield with questions by @jasonshick

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Thanks for the #9 @jerrybanfield, i am new to this blockchain concept an d that really helps me..
Keep up the Good work..
and i am one of your students too..

@jerrybanfield I really enjoy these type of postings because this is where we can better understand who you are and how you feel about the future of STEEMIT. I know that next year I will be at STEEMFEST and I will get an opportunity to meet all of the wonderful people like yourself and get the chance to learn about and enjoy their compelling content...............

I really do hope #4 does come true. :) All of our hard work will pay off in the long run.


@vegetarianbaker @jerrybanfield Not just as a hope but I definitely see it as a fact! This combination of a reddit/facebook like platform that combines the collaboration and creativity of a youtube (Dtube) like connection and SoundCloud (DSound) all wrapped up in a decentralized blockchain deal is pure genius. I just feels like it's going in the right direction and were all just excited to see where this goes. All of our hard work will pay off in the long run indeed. Cheers guys!


What do you think ?
steemit work.png

Someone could say, does it truth that steemit posts are relevant on google? I have big doubts, because of small amount of views.

Really great interview. I can see here why you are here .


I will help everyone new and I love this post very much

Hey @jerrybanfield,

This post of yours has been jam packed with lot's of insight and knowledge. I learned from you today.

Keep up the good work. Steem on ...


Great post sir

Yes. This is a gread article
Thank you mr. Jerry b.

wish the steem price would recover

Biggest mistake lol absoulutely they just creat the account and dont steem regularly...

you has a wide varity of people around you...

amazing analysis @jerrybanfield i am also thinking that in next five year steem will get huge crowd.. people will come there to share there thoughts and ideas .. companies will come there to work ... hope so your analysis may come true about steem it ..

very good interview ... I agree with each of the answers ... especially coming out of steemit, which I prefer to my friends before any celebrity ... I am also using busy for my post ... I would come very well that you and more whales follow me to increase the power of that vote ... I would appreciate it very much

Usefull bviouesly

Yes, since I started this smart social platform, I have benefited a lot and I am confident in the continued creativity and dedication to work and enjoy every moment in the site

Truely, Steemit is specifically unique and promising, we all need to "power up" our foresight in order to see well into the future . That future belongs to those who would take he right decisions today.

great post

it's great being able to use crypto without knowing it. I like no transaction fees!

Good post

I liked the answer question no 10 the most.
'peer to peer connections where we are free from governments, companies, and all the mental structures that we use to limit our ability to have a relationship'

really you interview any one..you are great..👏👏

Your posts are always good. I can learn a lot about your post and learn about steemit.thank you

But udasi chhai by koi apny Satan ka ho bateen Mary ham sy .nice post

I really enjoyed reading your post. It's very informative and interesting. Thanks!

What an extraordinary article.loved to read the every single word of the article and agree with all the points (q/a) in the article.
Every single question and answer is worth every single penny.
I would love to read from you in future.
Thanks for sharing the artical.

really great post bro...

Wow. Great interview. Really detailed. I wish i could have aasked him a question on what mindset to have while joining steemit since i am a newbie. Should i do the folllow me, i follow you back pattern.


Nice interview @jerrybanfield.
@lucyogo No no dont do that. Based on my observations, the most successful people on here have huge followership and that is because they engage those who seek interaction."
I saw some accounts who have over 1000 followers and this happened only in one or two months but still their posts make only pennies, so I will disagree with you taking that step. We should focus more on the quality of our content. Having thousand of followers doesn't mean that they all are interested in what you write. A few followers who really want to read your posts are better than the thousand of scraps who followed you on "F4F" rule.
It's easy to get carried away when you first join and notice the size of people's wallets but once you realize all of them joined last year and now there's thousands of people a day flocking on it's easy to see why things are much harder. Everyone is signing up now with the same hopes and dreams of making it rich. I do think Steemit will grow and grow and be around a long time so I'd rather just keep plugging away and contribute the best I can.

You forgot to mention voting you as a witness in the end :P
Well not so formal ending :D

hiii jerry

Thank you a lot for the info!!!! I learned a lot through your post!!

I think I like Steemit.chat the best also. Thanks for a wonderful read @jerrybanfield.

I really like your post.. thanks for sharing

@jerrybanfield some months ago i was thinking of hosting a wordpress blog because of markeking tutorial i had received from one of my mentor as you are one of them 'Anik Singal' before I came across steemit. Steemit is a big investment with huge boost than any other.

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I have followed you in @steemit and your channel in Youtube and I have really benefited from your experience and valuable information and look forward to taking many of your advice and apply it to reality.
You have my full respect and appreciation @jerrybanfeild

10 Question Interview with @jasonshick!. For what this question


thank you. your information about LastPass. since a long i have been thinking how to secure password. though we noted offline somewhere again after some time we do not remember where it is noted. so this is a very useful information.

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great interview with 10 most important questions thanks for post have a great day.

Thanks @jerrybanfield ...i find this very useful.

Great interview. Gave me a lot of insight into steem. I love the red prayer t-shirt. Without prayer we really have no idea what we are doing in 5 years.

Great article @jerrybanfield.. Thank you for sharing.
Looking to my blog, maybe can make you fun :-)

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Hi @jerrybanfield wow indeed what an interview it was perhaps on your perspective on Steemit as a blockchain network as interviewed by @jasonshick,You have really nailed it on the cross this time around since i have fallen in love with your short and precise super answers towards @jasonshick ten super questions indeed you have let us know about yourself as a person as well as your feelings about Steemit in this post ,Lastly i will definitely say that Steemit is the future social media that is taking over other social medias currently thank you for your post and keep on posting such good content on Steemit.

Inspired by your work...Loved It

Very useful info Jerry. Thanks!!

I know there are people who dislike you @jerrybanfield for no particular reason, I included. Shame on me!

My initial impression of you was that you are such a YouTube jackass who cares nothing more than your self-fulfillment.

But you proved me wrong man! In a matter of less than a month, you tuned my unjustified perception of you upside down.

One thing that separates you from other vloggers within this community is that you treat your followers with respect by elucidating more on what your videos are all about.

Unlike others who tend to just fart their followers with their YouTube shit in a form of hit-and-run post without even giving a short description about how stinky their shit.

Hi Jerry this is nice.I have wtched your video on youtube on how to share steemit posts/blog i n facebook and twitter its very good.keep it up.I want to apply myself and see if ill increase my revenue coz so far i don't see any success.please help me.i am following you and upvote yor blog .Please do the same to me.You can also contact me through my email bonaventurefrancis61@gmail.com so that you can give me more advice coz am newbie here don't have much knowledge on how i can increase my revenue from steemit.Thank you

Thanks for taking the time to have a discussion with me @jerrybanfield. I think it is very important for the whole community to have a better idea of who are witnesses are and hopefully throught these type of interviews, the average steemian can get a little more acquainted with the leaders in this community.

I will definitely say this about Jerry, you are no stranger to controversy and and at times are hard to relate to, but you do not shy away from the criticism and take it on the chin. Learning from mistakes is a huge part of what makes this community great. I believe you do have the best interest of the community in mind and hope you will help take this platform to the next level.

Thanks again for taking some time to do the interview with me.

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