The way the camp got up in Belgium

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Belgium is one of the few teams to prove this concept in reality, there is nothing in the World Cup. The unbeaten team in the World Cup qualifier has not lost the final Brazil have lost the World Cup quarter-finals to Belgium in the 24-match unbeaten tournament. The story of their coming up in the semifinals is less astonishing.

England won the first two matches in Group 'G' and England had 6 points, Belgium and Belgium. There was equality in the middle of the round. The two teams will face the third match. But if the match was won, it was a cause for concern. Brazil will be facing the group champions in the quarter-finals. Then the way?

England took out the rest and rested the best players. But Belgium won the match and they won the match. Then the last sixteenth of Japan's crossing through the quarter-finals, the fear is true. Five-time world champion Brazil face Belgium The rest is history. The golden generation of Belgium is now the most successful team in the history of the World Cup, now in the semifinals

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Kevin de Brouina Belgian trusts him. Big match players Photo: Reuters
Kevin de Brouina Belgian trusts him. Big match players Photo: Reuters
Four teams from Europe have not lost a match at the World Cup qualifying. Belgian is one of those four teams. The team, with 9 wins and 1 draw in 10 matches, has emerged as one of the top teams in the group and ensures the World Cup finalists. Belgium unbeaten in the last 24 matches.

Belgian is traditionally a good team, but it was suspected that the long-running horse was a football fan. In the last World Cup there were almost the same group of Belgium, Belgium. They take part in the quarter-finals to Argentina Roberto Martinez took charge of the team in 2016. In the English Premier League, he has worked for nearly a decade in the national team. Because many of the English Premier League's best players are Belgium's.

Belgium's opponent in the first match of the World Cup was ranked 55th in Panama. Martinez's disciples won the simple win of 3-0 goals. Striker Romelu Lukaku scored the goal Belgium played 568 passes in possession of 62 percent of the time in the match. Of these, 85 percent of the passes are successful.

In the second match, Tunisia was flown by 5-2. In this match, Lakaku scored two goals. Team player Eden Hazard also scored two goals. In the third match of the group stage, Belgium met with England. Roberto Martinez's disciples leave the field after Adnan Yanujai won the match.

Belgian, with 9 points in 3 matches, guaranteed the last sixteen of the group 'G' group. In the last sixteen, their opponents were Japan. Everyone thought that the match would be easy for them. But in 52 minutes, the two goals were digested by Hazard-Lukeakura. They returned to the equilibrium within 74 minutes. In the 4 minute time added, Belgium reached the quarter-finals of the tournament, Belgium went on to win. According to many, this match was the best match of the World Cup.

Belgian coach Martinez will take the challenge of reaching the final. Photo: Reuters
Belgian coach Martinez will take the challenge of reaching the final. Photo: Reuters
Before the quarter-finals, Belgium coach Martínez admitted, Brazil is the best team. But in the first half of the match, it was understood that the psychological fight was said to be ahead. There was no way to understand the game, who came as a favorite on the World Cup. The attack against Belgium, De Bruin was a great goal and the extraordinary all-rounder of the Costa Rica was enough to dismiss the favorite team of the World Cup.

In the 13th minute, Fernandinho scored a suicidal shot from the corner to Belgium. In the 31st minute, in front of some of their own D-box, the ball rolled out in front of Lemaku. Took the ball to pull. Overwhelmed by a few people crossed the midfield and added the ball to D. Bruinna. De Brenier is a cool shot of the cold head. Belgium went ahead with two goals. After the digestion of one goal, though, after the 1986 World Cup in Belgium, this year's Belgian performance is the best.

Brazil will face France in the semis of Belgian is ahead in the rankings. If they lose France, they will be up for the first time in the World Cup final. Belgian fans can expect D'Brewina, Hazard, and Cortova


Belgium team was exhausted against Brazil. So France will win this.

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