Tamim's face is not an excuse

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Tamim Iqbal did not show any excuse for the team's disaster in the Antigua Test The opener of Bangladesh has promised to perform better in the second Test, acknowledging his mistake

Antigua catastrophe? It is possible that such titles can be made in what Bangladesh played in the first Test against the West Indies. In the first innings, going down 43 runs in innings and 219 runs is a big disaster. In the second innings there were no signs of turning around in batsmen. For the disaster that is largely responsible for the fact that Bangladesh's batsmen only scored 187 runs in two innings. Tamim Iqbal is taking that responsibility. He has no excuse for unconditional surrender within two and a half days of Antigua Test.

Tamim could not do well at all. His total (4 and 13) runs 17 in two innings. West Indies fast bowler Kemar Roach and Shannon Gabriel are dismissed. The rest of them are just like him. Nurul Hasan Sohan has taken just one fifty (64) in the two innings of Bangladesh. Rubel Hossain (16), the second highest scorer in the second innings. That's exactly what the ghostly scoreboard means. This scoreboard is incredible for fans, media and players, and a big push.

In the video message, Tamim acknowledged, "Our last Test match was shocked for you as well, for us it was the same shock. We know, we are a very good team. But the kind of performances I have performed is not acceptable in any way. "The highest scorer for Bangladesh in the Tests has told the current mental condition of the party," The team is not trying to find any excuses. We all know, it has been forgotten by ourselves. We hope that we will try to do something better in the next Test. "

Top order failed in two innings of Bangladesh. The question was raised, twenty-two yards of Sir Vivian Richards stadium is not batting? But in the Caribbean innings, a century and two fifties answer the question. Even in the second innings in the second innings, the batsmen Sohaan and paceman Rubel got the chance to blame the wicket, Tamim and Mushfiqik did not have the opportunity to blame the wicket. Sohaan and Rubel were on a long pitch for more than 13 overs. Tamim learns from here and has given the same advice to his teammates.

The opener of Bangladesh said, "If Sohan and Rubel have batted for long in the lower order in the last Test. This proves that if you can have enough time on the wicket, then we can run, no matter how difficult the wicket is. Test starts in Jamaica from 12 (July). Any chance to do that, try to do well. We will try to give you a good test.

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