Most crowded online to see Brazil's rate

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Brazil defeated Belgium by 2-1 goals in the near future. The story of Hexa Mission is so steeped in 16 to 20 years. The Brazilian fans did not even imagine that something would happen. So everyone has watched the matches to watch the favorite team win. Someone on the TV screen, some on the big screen However, the number of views on streaming (valid and invalid) is not less. This year's World Cup quarter-final is the most people have seen illegally!

There was never a tussle with Brazil's match. Yesterday's match of Brazil-Belgium match was the same. The TV, online- everyone who did, was busy showing the game of Brazil in tune with everyone. It is very normal for everyone to see the game of your favorite team. But it was a new record.

According to piracy security agency Irdetto, 5088 illegal streaming sites have been created so far to see all the matches in the group. Of these, 582 were made to show the three matches of the group stage of Brazil. That means more than 10 percent of the people who were interested in Brazil's World Cup in 32 teams Online streaming in Morocco was quite popular as well as asking for a lot more money to view the game. 561 stream lines were created for Morocco's three matches. But all previous records have been overtaken yesterday
Online streaming of Facebook, YouTube era is now a normal phenomenon. Roberto O'Connor, Senior Vice President for Cyber ​​Security Services, Irdetto, acknowledged helplessness in this situation, "The biggest of the World Cup Sporting Events. Naturally such an event is a good attraction for the business of illegal businessmen, the general audience too. The owner and the owners of the product must work together to prevent them. We will keep an eye on those matches, which are just a few more games left to end in the tournament, so we need to improve our technology. "

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