Defender's goal is France E Champion!

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France face Belgium in semi-final semifinal The French defender Samuel Usmatti scored the goal. A defender-Lillian Thuram scored in the final of the 1998 World Cup semi-finals. Later France won the title.

His highest number of match record in France's Jersey - 142 matches Defender is probably the only two goals behind this match number. However, Lillian Thuram has made the life of the French in both these goals. Samuel Usmatti brought back memories of former World Cup winning defender for France last night

Semi-finals of Pran Frooto1998 World Cup Dave Suker-Jovaniemi of France in front of Croatia, France face Stupa In the 46th minute, Krayta went ahead and scored a goal of Sukar. In the next minute, Thuram's equals scored the same goal. No one wondered what a surprise after that. In the 69th minute, on the right side, on the head of the koet box suddenly took a shot, Thuram took the shot. Goal! There are many people still remembering the goal of keeping Thumar's finger on the lips. His goal was to go to France in the final. After that the host won the title.

In other words, the defenders of France were in the final of the service. But this still happens. Tomorrow, in the semifinal against Belgium, he scored a goal in the 51st minute from the corner of the Titanic Gryzman's Corner. France win the defending champions for the third time in the World Cup final If the team will win the title? Believers can say in superstition, as a defender who won France in the finals of the tournament 20 years ago, and later they won the title, the possibility of the team walking on the same path is bright.

Yes, the possibility of France is bright. But there are also a coincidence of Defenders, which indicates that there can be a trophy in France's home. In the '98 World Cup, the goal was scored by France for the semifinals, three Defenders-Vicente Lijaraju, Lauren Bla and Lillian Thuram. Lijaraju scored a goal against Saudi Arabia in the Group A match. The last sixteen came to fruition with France's goal of blossoming Blair. Then, in the semis, Thuram's two goals.

prothom alo And now the Defenders of France have started to score goals from the knockout phase. Benjamin Powers scored the last sixteenth goal against Argentina. At the end of the last match against Uruguay, Rafael Varney and Samuels Usmatti in the last four of the season. Two decade ago, the defender had scored goals in the defending champions in France three defenders. This time in the French final, three defenders scored. Twenty years ago, with the final of the tournament, this is the result of the final. At least for fans of France

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