Brazil has not learned anything since making seven goals

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After the exit of Neymar-Kutinoha from the quarter-finals of the World Cup, there has been a lot of criticism in Brazil. The country's media has taken the mentality of the Brazilians to the national team. The local media washed up Neymar and Jesús

The last word to win the World Cup title is to the Brazilians. Failure to runners up or even to get into the semi-finals. However, Neymar-kutinohora knife quarters from the final!
So much criticism in Brazil is going on very naturally. The country's local media is washing Neymar's rhetoric. Caller Mauro Caesar of Estado de Sao Paulo, as said, "Brazil has not learned anything from the rate of 7-1 goals for Germany in the semifinals of the 2014 World Cup."
This is not the tip of Caesar but only the Neymar, but rather the national team has degraded the mentality of the Brazilians. Four years ago, Brazilianians did not take any education from that rate at home. They are still watching the opposition teams with their eyes, in the column, Cesar writes, "Four years ago, most Brazilians did not learn anything from Germany's 7-1 goal rate. In the country's national game, there is continuation of mocking the opponents and their ability to see the small eyes. There are some media that gives support (national team) more than giving information. They distort reality from realistic analysis. '

Local media has criticized Neymar for the most criticism. Brazilian media could not accept the tendency of Neymar to 'dive' the World Cup. This forward scored twice in five matches in Brazil, was criticized for giving 'dive' to every match. Marcelo Barreto, the country's TV channel 'Spor', said: "Looking back at the World Cup in Russia, Neymar will have to think about why everyone is disliking him so much. Yes, he certainly wants to wipe it out by winning. But it is not possible for now. '

Barito also criticized Neymar, saying, "Many people dislike him. Think about how often we have to talk to the international media about his (Dive) issue. Neymar will have to think about the matter.

Brazilian forward Gabriel Jesús did not score any goals. From the first match, it is understood that he is not in form. But the Brazilian coach played Jesse in the first eleven in all the matches. The country's media is bereft of it. Their argument, instead of Jessus, Roberto Fermino could also be played in the first eleven. 'Globo Sparte' commented, 'Jesus could not score any goals. This is the worst performance as a 9th striker in any World Cup. Alisindo in the 1966 World Cup, Mirandinho did not score in the 1974 World Cup. But they played less games than Jesse.

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