Spreading misinformation.

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There are quite a few sites out there that spread misinformation. I think one of the biggest ones is the Huffington Post. Today I read an article that tried to create correlation between inhaling vapor and the Coronavirus.


It's kind of funny. I really think people don't want other people to be able to find a solution to the problems without going to Big Pharmacy. Do you think that the Huffington Post is working for some other organization that has nothing to do with helping people? I wouldn't be surprised.

The article in question is here:

The Scary Relationship Between Vaping And Coronavirus


Although it is a relatively short article it makes it very clear that vaping is really harmful for your lungs. That is something that most people do not agree with. Vaping reduces 95% of the damage that happens to your lungs as opposed to smoking.

This has been fairly well proven . It is possible there will be further testing in the future that makes this proof false. Who knows. However for anyone to claim that the kind of damage vaping does to your lungs is similar to smoking, well at this point it would pretty much say that they are wrong.

Now why does this article not come out against smoking? It doesn't mention smoking and only mentions vaping.

Certainly smoking is more harmful for your lungs. This article, as I stated, doesn't really say a lot...but it does say that the Coronavirus attacks your lungs first and therefore if you vape you will walk around with weakened lungs that will definitely collapse because you're vaping and therefore you will catch the Coronavirus. Maybe not in THOSE words.... but they want you to believe something like that.

It's absolutely ridiculous. I really don't know how somebody is able to come out with a study like this and just put it out there like that.

It makes me never want to trust anything that the Huffington Post says. It is possible that somebody will get Coronavirus because of weakened lungs from smoking or maybe even from vaping... but the way that they write this is just pure sensationalism.

Scary relationship? That's like saying the scary relationship between cold weather and catching a cold. Yes, it is possible you could catch a cold if you're outside... but you have to understand how to take care of yourself. I think that these news articles just act like everyone is a pure idiot.

Of course it's commercial writing because this guy is getting paid for it.... he really trying to make money so he wants that sensationalism. And there's a chance that this organization is actually working for a company that wants you to buy medication and stuff like that as opposed to finding your own solutions. I can't say for sure, but I can say this article really freaking pisses me off.

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