2 Incredible Reasons Why I Think The Blockchain/Crypto Revolution is Meant For Africans

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What comes to your mind after reading such a title above??

The title is so bold that some of you were forced to click on it and check out the article. It is not a click bait!

I can assure you that I will not disappoint in giving you my opinion on why I think this crypto revolution is meant for Africans.

It is natural for me to begin by stating that I myself I am an African and to be precise from Uganda.

There is this thing that annoys most Africans and that is when most non-Africans assume(which I have no idea why) that Africa is one country!

Let me now put is straight, Africa is not a country, but a continent made up of 54 countries, you can prove this by doing a simple Google search!

I think let me get back to why I wrote this post!


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There have been many revolutions that have changed the shape of mankind.

I do not mean the political revolutions,I mean the revolutions that have brought change to humans like the industrial one.

There are many folks who missed this chance to accumulate wealth, may be because they could not read patterns.

The Dot Com Revolution (Internet)

The most recent revolution is the dot com one, the advent of the internet.

The internet has been more active in the last two and half decades(25 years!).

I was not able to witness this dot com revolution since I was young.

I am happy to have read a lot of stories of how it unfolded and how some folks like the current richest man on planet Earth according to Forbes and Bloomberg Jeff Bezos made his fortune with Amazon.

I have read and seen photos of how he started in a garage!

I am sure most of you have seen this photo below.

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I have also read stories of how many people (skeptics) believed that the internet could not come this far.

I am not shocked that the internet was once also called a bubble. It is true that a lot of companies sprung up during the dot com era in the late 90's and early 2000's.

I have read of how many companies failed to scale and grow.This is something natural that happens daily!

If you look around, did all the people you started school with complete to a bachelor's degree level? The answer is no.

It is characteristic of human beings to fear something they do not understand!

They label it risky, a ponzi or pyramid, bubble just because they do not understand it.

I brought up the example of the dot com era just to illustrate the opportunities this world presents to us.

I have a belief (my own) that many Africans missed out on this dot com era.

I am happy now that most Africans are connected to the internet.

I always tell my friends that I can go hungry as long as I have internet data bundles.

Let me out it succinctly, if I am faced with a decision between buying food and Internet bundles...I forego and buy data!!!

That is how peculiar I can be

The internet is like my oxygen because of the opportunities it avails me.

One of the biggest opportunities the internet has availed me is the Blockchain technology.

Why The Blockchain/Crypto Revolution is Meant for Africans

It is characteristic of Africans to complain of how they have missed opportunities!

It is true that some African countries are still behind in regards to technology.

I do not blame the Africans of the last generation for missing to profit from the internet era.

I am happy to see any Africans taking the internet seriously of late.

The internet has made planet Earth a global village, anyone can connect to another irrespective of the distance.

You can send a message or email to anyone in the world.

The other great advantage of the internet is that it contains most of the answers we want .

You can find an answer to anything from research work to tips on how to sell by just making a simple Google search!

You can just type "How to ..!!""
Some Ugandans have used Google to the extreme by even searching for a way to travel to the US without a visa or How to go the US on a boda!!

It is at this point I say that no African should miss this Blockchain opportunity since all it takes is doing a simple Google search!

I know Blockchain technology is kinda big and intimidating to an average person.

I am also still learning more about this amazing technology that is poised to change a lot of things.

Let me now list my reasons why I think this amazing tech is meant for Africans.

1.Free access*
Anyone can learn about the Blockchain technology freely without restrictions.

As I described in one of the paragraphs above, the availability of the internet has made many things possible.

I know there are folks who will say that some African countries restrict the use of the internet.

It is true some countries like mine Uganda charge a fee to access social media websites!

I gave this example because most folks confuse social media with the internet.

The internet is bigger than social media, social is just a subset of the internet.

I do not therefore like to hear folks saying that accessing the internet is restricted!

If you are an African and you are able to read this post of mine,then you can read also about Blockchain technology.

You don't have to understand everything, just pick parts that entice you.

2.Earning Opportunities
There high rates of unemployment in Africa and the world at large.

The Blockchain tech provides earning opportunities which can be even sometimes better than employment!!

I know of a friend who resigned from his job recently to concentrate on the earning potential of the steem Blockchain.

I have just realized that this blog post is almost a thousand words already, so I will find a way of summarizing .

In summary the Blockchain tech or crypto offers a neutral ground for even Africans to benefit.

I have been active in this space for the last year and half and I am discovering new opportunities daily.

I started out with the Steem Blockchain that pays me for writing such content.

The steem Blockchain has grown to the extent that not only bloggers are paid but even Bloggers, gamers , health professionals, photographers etc.

In the coming days I will write another post highlighting some of the other earning Blockchain opportunities available like Trybe, Mithril and many others, just keep tuned.

This is the time for Africans to Level up with the other parts of the world through Blockchain technology.

Let me hear out your views in the comments below.

If you are an African or to be precise Ugandan and you are new to this blockchain or crypocurrency thing, connect to me.

You can just make a simple Google search on my name is "Jarau Moses"and you will be given ways to connect to me.

If you saw this on Twitter or Facebook, just give me follow or message and I will reply back.

Jarau Moses


Very true jarau. Africa can even out grow all those other continents if only they become serious with crypto

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