After Facebook and Google, Now Twitter too???

in busy •  2 years ago 


Recently while going through a post on cointelegraph, a crypto related website providing daily news, I came across an article which stated that Twitter is planning to ban all kinds of ICO ads, Cryptocurrency Wallet ads and token sales. The site mentioned that they received this info from Sky News and it is not yet confirmed!!! Link HERE

If this becomes true, then we could expect another market crash which would be a terrible thing to happen to crypto. Personally, I am a true believer in the potential that these crypto currencies have. But as usual, there are always scammers trying to take advantage of any opportunity that they get. These bans imposed on cryptos were mainly because of the many number of scam ICOs which went down the past few months. We cannot actually blame Google or Facebook for their actions because what they are trying to do is protect their customers which is justifiable.
As I said, if Twitter too bans crypto ads, the news isn’t yet CONFIRMED! , it would be drastically affecting the crypto currency market. What do you people think about this? Let me know in the comments section below.
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